Bike to School Day

Join other Vermont Schools in participating in a Bike to School Day!

Looking for resources?  We've got you covered.  Get posters, parent letters and more by going here:

Bike to School Day Resource Toolkit

Some tips on creating your own Bike to School Day:

Is your school too rural? Are roads too busy and dangerous? Here's a solution:

You can make this event possible by designating a "meet-up point" where children are dropped off by the bus (or by their parents,) and everyone bikes together the rest of the way to school. 

OR, maybe there's a "back way" that you can go--with the support of private landowners!

Other ways to do a Bike to School Day: 

  • Parents bike with their children to school instead of driving
  • Several parents and volunteers set up a "Bike Train Route" A Bike Train is a group of students biking along with a designated route to school led by an adult supervisor. Bike Trains often have “Stops” along the way where students can join the group. Learn more about how to create a bike train here: Bike Train MiniGuide

Ways to engage your students in your Bike to School Day:

  • Have students create and deliver morning announcements 
  • A helmet hair photo contest for people who bike to school that day
  • A costumed ride--where kids wear costumes on their bike/walk to the school day.
  • Students create posters
  • A "golden helmet" contest for the class that has the most participation (find an old helmet and spray paint it gold!)
  • A party for the class that has the most participation
  • Special privileges for participants 
    • the first group to be dismissed at the end of the day
    • pajama party
    • pizza party
    • extra-long recess
    • special lunch-time treat
    • etc
  • Participation prizes (pencils, stickers, etc)