Barre-Montpelier Road - they have built it, we will ride it!

Road_Diet_-_Barre_Montpelier_Rd3-1.jpegWith summer in full force many of us are biking every chance we get. In the Montpelier Barre area, that just got a whole lot easier. Several weeks ago VTrans finished a redesign on the section of Barre-Montpelier Road from the Wayside Restaurant to the Barre City line. It's important to get out there and try it out. And after you do, whether you enjoyed driving or biking, be sure to provide comments to VTrans.

Provide Comments

Our very own technical assistance manager, Kaitlin, went out to check out the pilot herself and loved it. She snapped some pictures to share and reiterated how important the public comment process is. Tell VTrans you loved feeling safer riding OR driving, and encourage them and local officials to do even more to connect Montpelier and Barre by bike!

And if you live in Barre and are looking for an excuse to ride the route, pedal on over to the Drive Less, Have More Fun event and Do Good Fest on Saturday July 16! RSVP today!



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  • Jeffrey Gagne
    commented 2016-07-11 11:22:56 -0400
    Not impressed with the change and it’s backing up traffic. It’s also causing people to use the “bike lane” to get around traffic (so they can get into the old Harry’s building or McD’s, etc.). How about removing the signs that show an improper lane configuration?
  • Russell Belding
    commented 2016-06-30 10:42:44 -0400
    I don’t see why most people wouldn’t be on board with this. It seems to make the driving experience calmer. A bike lane is definitely preferable to drivers using the “passing lane” on the right and going 60 MPH so they can get to Price Chopper 30 seconds faster.
  • Nunya Bitness
    commented 2016-06-29 18:03:25 -0400
    I have yet to see one bicycle on this stretch, all this did was make traffic even worse to please a few people. Way to go.