A different kind of bicyclist education.

This is both an idea and a suggestion. Years ago I realized the biggest problem with cycling as a means of transportation was knowledge - there were traffic situations I didn’t understand, and it was clear a lot of others - cyclists, motorists, traffic planners - didn’t understand them either. Riders like me didn’t understand how traffic really works. In my research, I came across CyclingSavvy, a training course specifically aimed at getting where you want to go by bike; not about tire-changing, bike fit, clothing and equipment, or anything else. CyclingSavvy is finally coming to Burlington. It’s a three-session class, and the classroom session is this Friday, June 29th. Registration at CyclingSavvy “Find a class” (https://register.cyclingsavvy.org/findaclass) closes this Wednesday. There are also online courses available. Check it out. It isn’t quite like any bicycling class you’ve seen before. I know, because I’m teaching it.