World Class Bike Path Suffers a Massive Blow.

Vermont is home to "one of the country's most spectacular bike trails," according to a recent Washington Post travel piece, and we couldn't agree more! Local Motion owns and operates a bike ferry on a section of the trail, the Colchester Causeway, ferrying cyclists and their bikes from one side of the 200 ft "cut" to the other. Last year, more than 16,000 cyclists rode our ferry enjoying views of the Adirondack mountains to the west and the Green mountains to the east - at the same time! It truly is a spectacular ride and beloved by locals and visitors alike.

Although the bike ferry operates from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, this year we may be off to a late start. The day after the piece in the Washington Post was published, a storm brought high winds, heavy rains and waves to the area causing significant damage to the path. The Town of Colchester has closed the path for the time being and is currently assessing the damage. We look forward to hearing their plan and timeline for restoration and reopening of this incredible destination! For the most up-to-date details, please visit the Town of Colchester's Parks and Recreation Department webpage.