Webinar: Where Recreation Meets Transportation

Where does transportation end and recreation begin? This webinar will explore the overlap of transportation and recreation planning, highlighting examples of projects completed here in Vermont.

In many rural and resort communities, recreation IS the destination, and recreation facilities dually serve as transportation networks. Similarly, in many places in Vermont, you simply cannot build a “transportation-only” multi-use path—it will be scenic and fun no matter where you put it.

Active transportation has played an increasingly important role in communities throughout Vermont. In conjunction, there is a growing desire for recreation opportunities right out your door that don’t require driving to the trailhead. Planning for a connected regional network that encompasses both the active transportation system and more recreation-oriented trails is critical to achieving these goals, but all too often we completely bifurcate the planning processes for transportation and recreation.

We'll look at three examples of Vermont projects from Northfield, East Burke, and the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail that served to better connect communities to and integrate with recreation and transportation.

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Abby Long, Executive Director - Kingdom Trails
Ayden Eickhoff, Analyst + Planner - SE Group
Drew Pollak-Bruce, Senior Recreation Planner - SE Group
Sean Neely, Transportation Designer - Stantec

May 13, 2021 at 3:00pm - 4:30pm