Thank You, Rep. Welch and Sen. Sanders

14540027502_24856361aa_q.jpgIt looks like Rep. Welch and Sen. Sanders are walk-bike advocates as well! On July 25th, both of the Vermont government officials signed on to a letter calling on the Department of Transportation to consider EVERYONE-- not just vehicles-- when measuring the performance of America's roads. And for that, Local Motion thanks you!

Considering bikers and pedestrians during the development of new roads will help to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to commute easily and safely. By signing on to this letter, Rep. Welch and Sen. Sanders are supporting an intelligent and holistic way of measuring our 21st century transportation system. Check out this passage from the last paragraph of the letter: "We stand with you in prioritizing transportation planning and programming that provide opportunity for all Americans, but we urge you to strengthen this rule to encourage future investments that will benefit all people while also meeting national goals of economic vitality, safety, and environmental sustainability". Now that's something worth fighting for! Thanks again, Rep. Welch and Sen. Sanders!