Memphremagog Ski Trail Foundation is where it's at!

MSTF.pngThere is something about nature that draws me into the woods year-round. The tranquility and beauty steal my breath. The vast space filled with known, and unknown, life cycles humbles me. Immediately life priorities become more apparent. I know as quickly as the woods teach me, the rest of the world will try to steal that wisdom the moment I leave. Spring brings a new sense of awakening for all the species in the woods. The smell of pine is incredible. I just want to bask in it! Baby snapping turtles are hatching. Owls are scouting for prey. Moments like this, I stop and look around, no longer in a hurry to complete the trail or to move until time runs out. I’m not rushing anymore – and I’m always rushing!

I’m always in search of a trailhead somewhere so I can implant myself into the woods. This time of year, so many mountains are drying out and hikers are encouraged to wait until the mud dries. Have you ever waited for mud to dry?! It’s painfully slow!

The Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation (MSTF) is saving the day! MSTF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing well-maintained trails accessible to cross country ski and mountain bike trails. With a love of nature MSTF hosts youth programs such as Bill Koch Youth Ski League and offers single and double track riding trails. MSTF has made the most of the woods in Newport – Derby, VT and provided outdoorsmen and woman with 24 miles of trail. If you don’t want to get lost, bring a man or snap a picture at the trailhead… trust me! Their website: will provide you with all of the information that you’ll need. And hey… they do an excellent job maintaining trails – so while you’re there, feel free to donate!
Get out there and smell that pine!