Pop-up Protected Bike Lane to Improve Safety Edmunds School Starts Sept 29th

A two-week pilot demonstration project is beginning on Saturday, September 29 on two blocks of South Union Street to help make the streets around Burlington's Edmunds Schools safer for the school and surrounding community! Local Motion is working with the Edmunds Middle School PTO, Burlington School District, Edmunds Middle School, Edmunds Elementary School, Burlington DPW, and Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission to plan and install this exciting temporary street improvement.

This pop-up project, lasting September 29-October 13, will focus on extending the existing protected bike lane on South Union Street to the south of Main Street by two blocks. The right-hand turn lane onto Main Street from South Union will be replaced to be a protected bike lane and dedicated bus lane. Drivers may still turn right onto Main Street from the one remaining lane. Drop-off and pick-up can still happen surrounding the Edmunds Schools on Main Street, South Willard Street, Maple Street, and other nearby areas, though will be restricted along S. Union Street during the pilot project. See map below for highlighted drop-off/pick-up parking areas in blue.

Please share your feedback about this project to help inform any future changes to the street design. Click here for the survey.


Who is organizing this pilot demonstration project? A group of Edmunds School parents who are concerned about the safety of all students and who are motivated to make our streets safer for riding with kids have partnered with Local Motion — Vermont’s bike and pedestrian advocacy organization — to lead this project. They have also worked in partnership with leadership from BSD, EMS, EES, DPW and GMT on this initiative.

Has the pilot been approved by the city and school? Yes! The plan has been reviewed and approved by the Department of Public Works and School Department.

Is this a permanent change for South Union Street? No! This pilot will last two weeks, during which time the community will have a chance to experience the changes and share their feedback.

How will the pilot demonstration impact parking and traffic? There will be no impact to on-street parking. The S. Union bike lane and bus zone will replace the right turn lane and the street will become one way northbound from Maple – Main. Cars will still be able to turn right onto Main Street from the single lane.

Can emergency vehicles still get through? Absolutely. The bike lane is designed so that cars can pull over (carefully) into the bike lane if an emergency vehicle needs access.

Where should I drop-off and pick-up if I drive my child to school? School drop-off and pick-up in the bike and bus lane along South Union will not be possible during the pilot. Check out the map above for alternative locations.

FEEDBACK: The partners in this project are looking for feedback throughout the duration of this project. Click here to fill out a survey, or email Allegra at [email protected] with your feedback.