Winter Riding: Head & Neck

My ears are very sensitive to cold, so I often cover them up when it is only moderately cool. I use an adjustable helmet so I can accommodate a variety of different hats. I use wind proof hats fleece hats that cover my ears. As it gets colder that hats get thicker. In the thirties and forties I wear the hats in combination with a neck warmer, either a merino wool neck warmer or a thicker fleece one. Until it gets very cold, the neck warmer also serves to cover my face and nose until my breath warms up my face. When it gets into the twenties and colder, I add a balaclava to the mix.


Snow in the eyes is not fun at all, so a couple of years ago I bought ski goggles. They work pretty well until it gets very cold, and then they fog up. I am not a skier so I may be missing the trick to keep them from fogging up. I know that they should contact skin directly, and not the fabric covering my nose and mouth. With goggles peripheral vision is decreased, so extra alertness is in order.