Being Seen During the Day

bike_lights_square.jpgFor some time I have been building up a formidable array of reflectors and lights for night riding - I currently have reflective tape on the bike frame, a reflector on the handlebars, two lights for my helmet and lights for my backpack and handlebars. For the last couple of years I have also been wearing high visibility clothing. I have noticed that when I wear it I get more courtesy from drivers, especially when I am on a crosswalk. I believe that drivers think I have some sort of official position so they hesitate to ignore me.

Recently I have added lights to my daytime riding. I have noticed other bike riders with daytime lights, and have been impressed with how visible they are. None of us ride in a vacuum,  and so we are affected by what other bike riders do and how they are equipped. If all my lights were battery operated, I might hesitate to use them both at night and during the day because that would drain the batteries. However, because my lights are rechargeable, I don't have this worry. Whenever I am at home, I plug in my lights so I am ready for my next ride.

Being seen does not guarantee that you will not be hit by a car, but it does help. As I say in my bike classes, "Drivers do not want to hit you because it might scratch their car and blood is hard to clean off. In addition, the paperwork involved with insurance claims is onerous. If you are visible, you are less likely to be in an accident."