When all you want to do is get out and ride, finding a place to leave your car can be a real hassle. Never fear! We’re here to help you out!


  • For all your parking needs, check out the Park Burlington website for an interactive map that displays parking for cars, bikes, handicap, garage, and on the street. Plus it shows handy landmarks around town to help you find your way. You can even check out the parking rates for garages, meters, and more.
  • For bike-specific parking, check out Local Motion and Park Burlington’s interactive bike parking map to see where you can post up your bicycle while you explore Burlington.

Car Lot Parking: Waterfront Area

  • Perkins Pier: Located right on the waterfront near the Local Motion Trailside Center, Perkins Pier is a prime location to park your car for a few hours. Parking for the day is only $8 for a non-resident, $6 for a resident from sunrise to sunset. While there, make sure to take a look at the historic 1862 schooner replica, the Lois McClure.
  • ECHO Lot: Also situated along the waterfront and close to Local Motion, the ECHO parking lot at 1 College St. is open from 8 am - 8 pm. Right before the cul-de-sac on the waterfront, take a left into the ECHO parking lot. At $5/day, this is a great deal if you want to be close to the water, Local Motion, the ECHO center, a park, and good food.
  • Main Street Landing Lot: Across the bike path from the ECHO lot, Main Street Landing is a restricted parking lot. It is open to non-tenants after hours Monday - Friday after 6 pm, and all day Saturday and Sunday for a daily fee of $10.00.
  • Pease Lot: Right across from the Skinny Pancake and Main Street Landing Lot, Pease Lot is also along the waterfront bike path. With public access 24/7, it’s only $5 to park your car for the day. Plus you can easily enjoy a Skinny Pancake crêpe after your ride!
  • 4 King Street Lot: South of Local Motion Trailside Center, 4 King Street Lot is open to the public 24/7 and $4/hour. Found between Battery Street and the bike path to the right off of King Street, its space is limited, so make sure to get in early to get a spot.

Car Lot Parking: Downtown Burlington

If you don’t want to park all day, there are lots in downtown Burlington to park for a few hours at a time:

  • Main Street Lot: On the corner of Main Street and South Winooski Ave, Main Street Lot is a prime location to leave your car and explore Burlington. At $1.50/hour and open, every day from 6 am - 2:30 am, this is a great spot park at any time of day or night.
  • 2 Center Street Lot: Located between South Winooski Ave and Church Street and off of College Street, 2 Center St. Lot is in the heart of downtown Burlington. At $4/hour and in prime walking distance of some of Burlington’s finest dining, this space is solid for an evening out.

Car Garage Parking: Downtown Burlington

  • Cornerstone Building Garage: Situated off of Battery Street and the waterfront bike path near King Street, this parking garage is only $2/hour for up to 8 hours of parking. It’s open all day every day, and is located close to the Local Motion Trailside Center for quick access to all your biking needs!
  • Gateway Center Garage: Located off of Battery Street between College and Main Streets, this parking garage is open from 7 am - 12 am daily on the top deck and is $5/day.
  • College Street Garage: A hop, skip, and jump away from Church Street, this parking garage is free for the first two hours of parking, and has a maximum payment of $8 for a day. It’s open all day every day, and parking on Sundays is free!
  • Marketplace Garage: One of the largest parking garages in Burlington, Marketplace Garage is located on South Winooski and Bank Street, just one street away from the pedestrian Church Street. With the first a maximum payment of $10 for a day, this garage is open every day and is free on Sundays.
  • Lakeview Garage: Right next to the College Street Garage, Lakeview is a perfect place to park for those who are looking to stroll downtown. With the same rates as College Street Garage, this garage is a great spot for those wanting to check out downtown Burlington.

Metered Parking

While Burlington has many parking lots and garages, sometimes parking on the street is just more convenient. Check out Burlington’s Parkmobile Guide for information on the city’s new smart meters. These snazzy new meters allow for car owners to park their car, feed the meter, and not worry about running back in time to pay when time is running low. Just download the Parkmobile App and you will be notified when your meter is at 15 minutes. Then you can just top it off via your smartphone!

Also, want to know what each of the parking meters charges? Check out this handy Meter Rates Guide from the City of Burlington.