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We’ve all been there: you’re cruising along on a beautiful bike ride and CLUNK! something goes wrong. Don’t worry, Burlington is a hub of cycling mechanics and experts that can help you fix your bike in a jiffy. Plus, while these cycling experts tackle your bike repairs, take a look around town at the plethora of biking gear and accessories available!


Ski Rack

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Located on the corner of Main and Pine Street, Ski Rack is a one-stop-shop for all your biking needs. With a bike basement full of gear, bicycles, parts, accessories, and more, this is an excellent place for a tune-up, maintenance, or repairs. Check out this link for prices for any maintenance you might need. In addition, Ski Rack’s staff will help you out if you need a new bike, are looking for a new fitting, or just want help getting the best out of your own bike. Whether you want to just take a look around, or are interested in the newest gear, Ski Rack is a great resource for all things bicycle.


Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness

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Just down the road in South Burlington, Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness is a fantastic resource for everything bicycle-related. Founded in 1953 in Burlington’s Old North End, Earl’s has been a staple in the Burlington cycling community for over 60 years. Stop on by - Earl’s can supply you with all you might need - including maintenance and/or repairs. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, this Cyclery is a phenomenal resource for information on everything you might need for your bike. 


Terry’s Precision Bicycles

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For the cycling femme phenoms out there: here’s a bike shop dedicated to you! Founded in 1985, Terry’s produces women-specific gear dedicated to making cycling more comfortable and enjoyable for ladies. Located on Maple Street and featured in Ski Rack and Earl’s, Terry’s gear re-defines what cycling can be for women all over the US. And don’t worry men: Terry’s has also made some award-winning men’s saddles for you, too.


North Star Sports

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Right across from Ski Rack on Main Street in Burlington is North Star Sports. A fantastic place for bike tune-ups and repairs, this shop is a great resource for getting you equipped as best as as possible for a comfortable and convenient ride.


Outdoor Gear Exchange

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Recently renovated and expanded in order to showcase a fleet of sleek bikes, OGE is found downtown Burlington on the pedestrian Church Street. After stopping by Local Motion to plan for your awesome biking trip, head to OGE to make sure you’ve got all the gear you need for your adventure. Plus check out their bargain basement for great deals on lightly used gear. From lights to lube to locks, OGE’s got you covered for a fun and fulfilling ride.


Old Spokes Home

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A funky and unique shop in the Old North End of Burlington, Old Spokes Home is worth dropping by even if you don't have any bike tuning to be done. This non-profit bike shop not only has great mechanics that can fix any problem you might have with your bike, but also focuses on community outreach and making biking accessible to the Burlington community at large. You can find used bikes, new bikes, vintage bikes, and everything in between at this "most unusual bike shop in the world". And while your bike is getting a tune-up, take a look at the classes they offer to fine-tune your ever-growing knowledge about bicycles and bicycle repair, or even repair your bike yourself!


A vibrant and active city, Burlington has a wealth of information when it comes to gear, bikes, mechanics, and more. No matter where you are around town, you'll be able to find someone somewhere who can address your bike needs.