Edge Lane Roads: A Solution for Vermont Towns — Webinar

An edge lane road, also known as "advisory bike lanes," is a roadway design that could make Vermont roads safer and calmer for vulnerable users. These roads have a center lane with edge lanes on each side. Vulnerable users have the right-of-way in the edge lanes, and motorists can move into the edge lanes only when passing other vehicles and must yield to vulnerable users.

It's a low-cost and versatile treatment that's especially useful on streets and roads that are not wide enough for dedicated bike lanes. In fact, several Vermont communities already have edge lane roads, including Lincoln, Danville, and Burlington. Could this design work in your town? Join us for this webinar presentation and discussion to find out.

We'll hear from Michael Williams, who is considered the foremost expert and researcher on edge lane roads in the U.S. Mr. Williams is a transportation consultant with more than a decade of experience as a licensed general contractor on public works projects and he holds three engineering degrees including an MS in Civil Engineering.

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November 18, 2021 at 1:00pm - 2pm
Online Event