E-bikes: The Power Drill of Cycling

e-bike.jpgTools are designed and created to make life better in one way or another. Sure, you can build a shed with a screwdriver, but a power drill will get the job done better and faster. The e-bike is just that--a tool designed to help us get from home to work, the grocery store, school, and back home with less sweat and at a faster pace. Cargo e-bikes can be an alternative to a car when you have kids and a few grocery bags to transport. Riding an e-bike is a ton of fun, too.

Scroll down to watch a video overview on e-bikes!

Here at Local Motion, we see e-bikes as an incredible advancement in biking technology. The conventional bike will always have a special place in our hearts and is by no means obsolete, just like the screwdriver still isn’t obsolete more than 120 years after the invention of the power drill. We will always have conventional bikes to ride. Like in countries across Europe and Asia, we believe that e-bikes will revitalize the bicycle as a default mode of transportation. Rather than jump in the car or truck that Vermonters spend an average of $3,500/year to operate, we’ll jump on the e-bike that costs $300/year (if that) to operate. The e-bike will help motivate better streets for biking and lessen traffic jams. All of us riding bikes and e-bikes will lead us to be happier than driving a car, and we’ll be healthier!

To help e-bikes gain more traction in Vermont, Local Motion and several partners are launching and expanding opportunities for people get on the e-bike wagon:

Starting December 1, 2017 Burlington Electric customers benefit from a $200 e-bike rebate at four Burlington bike shops. Participating shops are Old Spokes Home, Skirack, North Star Sports, and the Outdoor Gear Exchange. Visit the Burlington Electric homepage for the details. For folks who live outside of Burlington, stay tuned for other rebate opportunities.

Not sure you want to purchase an e-bike yet? Try one for free! Local Motion currently has one cargo e-bike for any Vermonter to use for five days. This gives you enough time to integrate the bike into your life. Starting this spring, we’ll have more than six bikes in our lending library of different brands and types. Our friends at Old Spokes Home can also help you out if you have questions. If you live closer to Brattleboro, you can borrow an e-bike or cargo e-bike from our partner V-Bikes. Dave at V-Bikes is available for e-biker consultations for free!

Trust us, once you try an e-bike, you’ll understand why we’re tickled pink with this cycling innovation!

Watch the video below from Old Spokes Home to learn more about e-bikes!