A Letter to the Local Motion Community

Dear Local Motion Community:

Like us, I suspect that most of you are at home, focused on the hard task of reorienting your life, and the lives of those who depend on you for love, support, and guidance. While the virus separates us physically, we're united in our support for each other, and in our belief that we'll get through this challenge together.

I’m inspired by what I see in our communities, and from our now-virtual Local Motion team, as we all connect and help each other, in new ways. For our part, we are using our time well and reimagining how we continue to meaningfully engage with you, the LM Community, on our mission to make biking and walking a way of life in Vermont. We know that taking a walk or getting on a bike can refresh the mind and spirit, provide exercise, reduce isolation, and get people where they need to go, and that is especially true during these unprecedented times. We are developing ways to provide resources and deliver our programming so that it can reach people where they are: at home.

As much as we are passionate about working with our partners, schools, and communities on bike safety and better infrastructure, and getting people out on bikes, we are following the important advice from local, state, and federal authorities in order to keep our staff and our community safe. This means that our highly social activities (events and school programs) are on hold, and the timing of others (Trailside Center, Bike Ferry, and Valet Bike Parking) will depend on how things progress. But our staff is getting creative with the rest of our programming. 

Here’s what’s already in the works: 

  • We are moving our bike workshops online, as soon as we get ramped up with the proper technology. Look for workshops on how to tune up your bike for spring riding, and courses with basic biking information for those who are looking to get back in the saddle. 
  • We will be lending our e-bikes out for extended loan periods to individuals considered essential personnel who still need to report to work. We are working to get the e-bikes to hospital staff, food couriers, and grocery store employees to help them stay safe on their way to and from work.  
  • We know that getting outside is important to many families and individuals. We will be sharing ideas for walks and rides that you can take in your communities, fun outings on local bike paths and rail-trails, and other ways to be outside and enjoy spring safely. See below for a few resources on activities and rides, and look for more in the near future.

Please stay tuned for what’s next from Local Motion during this uncertain time. We are keeping an eye on the impact COVID-19 will have on our organization, and adjusting our programming as much as we can. We are thinking deeply about how Local Motion can help and engage our community now, and your ideas are welcome. And as always, your support of the work we do is helping carry us through these challenging times. 

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all out on the roads, trails, and on the Bike Ferry soon. 


Karen Yacos, Executive Director

Resources for Kids and Parents

Bike Smart Curriculum

Looking for some no-interaction bike games to play with your kids? Check out our acclaimed Bike Smart curriculum. Improvisation is totally fine when it comes to equipment: Sponges, rags, outdoor toys, and (non-favorite) stuffed animals will all do for obstacle courses. 

Bicycling Games

Bike games for the whole family? Sign us up! 

Teaching a Kid to Ride with a Balance Bike

Want to get a head start on the bicycling season with your kiddo who can't ride yet? We've got a primer on how to teach children how to ride a bike using the balance bike method.

Resources for Everyone

How About a Ride Through Burlington’s History? 

Check out the Cycle the City route and guide

Managing Uncertainty with Walking

Walking and moving outside is an excellent, low-risk way of relieving stress and anxiety.

Take a Ride

Here are some of Vermont’s best bike routes, organized by length.