Burlington Walking Routes

Looking for a new walking route to explore? Check out the maps below for short, medium, and long routes throughout Burlington. Some will take you through parks, while others wind through neighborhood streets. 

Burlington’s many parks are also excellent spots to find some open space.

Reminder: Watch for oncoming cars when crossing the street, carry a light if you are walking at night, and obey pedestrian signals. For more walk safety tips, go here


New North End Walks

Staniford & Neighborhoods (Short Walk)

Ethan Allen & NNE Neighborhoods Loop (Medium Walk)

Old North End Walks

Explore Shared Streets in the ONE (Short Walk):

Lakeview Cemetry Loop (Short Walk)

ZigZag Through the ONE (Medium Walk):

Farm-to-Lake Through the ONE (Long Walk):

Ethan Allen Park Out-and-Back (Long Walk)

South End Walks

Oakledge Jaunt (Short Walk):

The South Hill Loop (Medium Walk):

Campus Quest (Medium Walk):

The South End Loop (Long Walk):