Burlington E-Bike Lending Library

Please Read Below Before Reserving an E-Bike - Important Borrowing Details!

Vermont Resident

You must be a Vermont resident to borrow an E-Bike from our lending library

Reservation Limits

In order to offer our free e-bike loans to as many people as possible, we are limiting reservations to 1 per season per person. We reserve the right to cancel or deny multiple reservations of the same type of e-bike

Reservation Commitment

You must be able to commit to picking up your reserved bike on the first day of your loan period (typically a Thursday) at the scheduled time (10 am -12 pm) or (4 - 6 pm). When you make your reservation, you will choose one of these times to pick up at the Local Motion office at 1 Steele Street, Burlington, VT

  • Pick-up is rain or shine - if you do not plan to ride in the rain, please arrange other means of transport (see below for details)
  • If you do not pick up at the agreed upon time, your loan is forfeit

Transport from/to Local Motion

Ideally, you will ride the e-bike home. If that is not possible, you will need to transport the bike in a truck, van, or SUV with the seats down. It really depends on which bike since some are quite large (see individual bike details). We cannot send bikes out on car bike racks due to the risk of rack failure

Overnight storage

You must be able to store bikes in a locked indoor location that is not a shared location to be eligible to borrow a bike! We're sorry if you can't, but we can't afford to lose them! Also, note that some of the bikes are heavy so some bikes won't be able to go upstairs. (see individual bike descriptions for bike weight)

Kids seats

Kid seats can be requested for the Orange and White RadWagons, which each hold up to about 45 lbs

  • The Orange RadWagon fits 1 or 2 kids’ seats
  • The White RadWagon fits 1 kids seat
    • We'll put these on at pick-up.


When carrying heavy items, be sure to balance the weight on both sides of the bike to prevent wobbly and sketchy riding

Helmet and lock

We will supply you with a lock but we ask that you bring your own helmet.

How It Works

  1. If you're a Vermont resident, head over to the booking page (click on the button below) to reserve your loan period! Loans typically start on a Thursday and typically end on the following Monday 
  2. Choose an e-bike from the list. See below for the e-bike options. Please read descriptions carefully and pay extra attention to the height recommendations for each e-bike 
  3. Choose a start date by selecting the Thursday on which you want your loan to start. The green squares indicate an available loan start date
  4. Fill in the rest! You'll receive a confirmation email and further instructions
  5. Reach out to Jessica ([email protected]) with any questions!
  6. In order to offer our free e-bike loans to as many people as possible, we are limiting reservations to 1 per season per person. We reserve the right to cancel or deny multiple reservations of the same type of e-bike

Reserve an e-bike!

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Meet our E-Bikes 


RadWagon cargo e-bike








The RadWagon is a cargo e-bike that can carry you and your kids, groceries, and other valuable cargo around town and some mild backroads. The 5 pedal-assist levels and throttle help take the buckets of sweat away from your bike commute and the cargo carrying ability makes this a true car replacement! We have two RadWagons available, and can provide child seats rated for kids up to 45 lbs each!

  • The Orange RadWagon fits 1 or 2 kids' seats
  • The White RadWagon fits 1 kid's seat

This is a popular bike; reserve early!

MSRP: $1,999
Minimum rider height: 5'2”
E-bike weight: 73 lbs
Transport: ride home, truck bed, van

Specialized Turbo Como


We have two Specialized Turbo Comos! They are both great commuter bikes, and feel like a rocket ship (if you want it to!) Their oversized road tires absorb bumps and cracks in the road. The e-assist propels you over hills and across flats. The Turbo Como is great for commuting any distance, from 2 miles to 20 miles. With a range of up to about 60 miles, the Como will take you far! We have two Turbo Comos, a size M and a size S, available to borrow! The pink Turbo Como has a step-through frame.

Available to purchase at Skirack.

MSRP: $3,250
Minimum rider height size M: 5'5" / Minimum rider height size S: 4’10"
E-bike weight: 48 lbs
Transport: ride home, truck bed, van

Trek Verve+ and Trek Verve+ 2


These beautiful e-bikes will let you ditch your car at every opportunity. Integrated lights and fenders help keep you seen and dry. The e-assist flattens the hills along your route and makes your legs feel bionic. It's hard not to smile while going to work, the store, or school! You can get up to 70 miles range with the motor! We have two Verves in the library fleet, both are size M! Available to purchase at North Star Sports and Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness.

MSRP: $2,850
Minimum rider height: 5'

E-bike weight: 46 lbs
Transport: ride home, truck bed, van

Taga Cargo Trike

This cargo trike makes carrying large loads or up to 2 children a breeze, with its large front cargo compartment. The cargo compartment is a comfortable place for kids from age 6 months to 8 years old, with its padded seating, adjustable headrest, and seats that fully recline for sleeping. You’ll never be out of room for the things you need to carry, as the cargo compartment holds up to 154 lbs.

Balancing the bike is much easier than with some other models of cargo ebikes, because of the added stability that 3 wheels gives. Its rigid frame provides stability, whether the bike is stationary or you happen to hit a pothole. 

MSRP: $4531 - 5177

Minimum rider height: 4’ 5”

E-bike weight: 48.5 lbs

Transport: ride home only

contact Jessica ([email protected]) with any questions

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This program is dedicated to the memory of Karen Freudenberger – passionate community activist, avid e-bike rider, and indefatigable promoter of social justice and peace.