Bikers, Walkers, and... Horses?!

horses.jpgThat's right, horses have equal access to the road! In Vermont, it is not uncommon to run into horse riders on your daily excursions. For most of us, the demeanor and needs of horses are unfamiliar. How should you behave in order to ensure the safety of both the rider and yourself? Here are a few helpful hints...

1) Act in a predictable manner, with no sudden movements. Horses are frightened easily and are likely to either run or kick when scared. Get out of the path of the rider, and allow the horse to pass. 

2) If you are accompanied by a dog, keep it close, quiet, and under control.   If your dog is excitable or reactive, take your dog a good distance off of the road until the horse has passed.

3) If you are biking and approaching the horse from behind, make sure the rider is aware that you are passing, then slowly go around the horse at a safe distance. 

Check out this short video for more tips on how to walk, ride, jog, and hike when you come across a horse on the trail!