Bike Trains to SB Bikes Out!

flyer for SB Bikes Out, white text on dark starry background with a white bike floating in the sky above the textLocal Motion and the South Burlington Recreation and Parks Department and Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee are hosting SB Bikes Out at the August 10 SB Nite Out event at Veterans Memorial Park. SB Bikes Out will feature a host of free biking related activities including:
  • Valet Bike Parking — Safely park your bike with a conscientious attendant and enjoy the event worry-free.
  • Free raffle — Bikey prizes for those who park with Valet Bike Parking, while tickets last.
  • Kids helmet decorating — We'll have a table set up with stickers and other fun flair!
  • E-bike demo rides — Take a quick spin on an e-bike and see what all the rage is about!
  • Minor bike adjustments for those who ride to the park — As needed, for bikes with minor mechanical issues.
  • Meet the South Burlington Bike and Pedestrian Committee — Map where you'd like to see better walk/bike infrastructure.

Interested in joining a ride to the event with others? We have organized three group rides (or Bike Trains) to Veterans Memorial Park departing from (1) Szymanski Park; (2) the intersection of Butler Drive & Marcy Street; and (3) the intersection of Prouty Parkway & Beechwood Lane (this Bike Train will also pick up riders who gather at the intersection of O’Brien Drive and Barrett Street). All rides will depart at 5:15 p.m, so don't be late! These rides will be a fun way for families and neighbors to make their way to Veterans Memorial Park for the August 10 SB Nite Out gathering, which will also include food trucks and a live band (Sticks & Stones). Participants are asked to find their own way back home as people will want to leave the event at various times in the evening.

Interested in organizing your own neighborhood ride to the park? Check out this resource to help you with your planning! 

Route 1: Szymanski Park
This route will begin near the tennis & pickle ball courts at the Park at 5:15 PM. It will then proceed northeast on the shared-use path through a short section of Stonehedge Drive and then up to the UVM white barn at the corner of Swift and Spear Streets. It will then cross Spear Street and continue onto the Swift Street Shared use path east to Veterans Memorial Park.

Route 2: Butler Drive & Marcy Street Intersection
This route will begin at the intersection at 5:15 PM and will proceed west on Butler Drive and connect to the shared-use path over to Golf Course Road and then down the shared-use path that runs west parallel to Old Cross Road. The bike train will then turn right onto Dorset Street at the intersection of Old Cross, Nowland Farm Road, and Dorset. The bike train will then head north on the shared-use path to Veterans Memorial Park.

Route 3: Prouty Parkway & Beechwood Lane Intersection followed by O’Brien Drive and Barrett Street Intersection
This Route will begin at the intersection of Prouty Parkway and Beechwood Lane at 5:15 PM (pop through the woods from Elsom Parkway and join!). It will cross Hinesburg Road and proceed north on Hinesburg Road to Sunset Avenue. The route will turn left on Sunset, then left on Birch Street followed by a right turn onto the small trail through to the O’Brien Drive neighborhood picking up other riders at the western intersection of O'Brien Drive and Barrett Street, closest to the Middle School, at about 5:20 PM and then head on Dorset Street all the way to the event.

August 10, 2023 at 5:15pm - 5:35pm
Bike Trains to SB Bikes Out at SB Nite Out
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