What do You Get When you Put an Entire School on Bikes for One or Two Weeks?

Determination and focus.  Wild exuberance.  A few skinned knees.  And way more smiles than in any other two weeks of the year.

That's what happens at the 40+ schools and camps that make use of our trailer full of bikes and equipment, our kid-tested curriculum, and our expert assistance every year.  For the 7,000-plus kids who do Bike Smart each year, getting on a bike can be transformative.  Because once you fall in love with life on two wheels, there is no turning back.


Here is a WCAX piece on the Bike Smart program at tiny Isle La Motte School, where biking has changed how an entire community gets around:


Here is a slideshow of testimonials and photos from participating schools across the state:


And here are a couple of videos made by participating schools themselves:  


 What is your Bike Smart love story?


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