Check out the First-Ever Vermont Forest Fondo Social Ride

forest_fondo.jpgThe first ever Vermont Forest Fondo is set for Sunday, October 9th, 2016! Registration is limited to the first 50 riders. NO DAY OF EVENT REGISTRATION WILL BE AVAILABLE. A portion of your registration fee will be donated to Little Bellas Mountain Biking. Registration is available on BikeReg.  This year’s Vermont Forest Fondo will be a social ride with limited support (1 stop) and a BBQ afterwards. Join us on what will be one of the most beautiful events all year (peak foliage season)!

The course consists of approximately 52 miles of gravel roads (80%), class 4 roads (15%), light trail/forest road (4%), and paved roads (1%) through the towns of Lincoln and Ripton, VT. With nearly 5,200 ft of climbing it will prove to be not only beautiful but have plenty of challenges for riders of all levels.


We are creating this ride because we want to share our love of cycling in Addison County and adventure riding. We have tried to create a great course that will have plenty of challenges for the seasoned hammer head but is a good introduction to adventure/gravel riding for the newbie or roadie looking to try something new. Although, there is 5,200 feet of climbing on mixed surfaces, the climbs come in nice chunks with nothing overly long and all the steeps in short punchy pitches. With two optional bail out points, one, at 18.5 miles with a 1.5 mile downhill ride back to the start and, the second, at 31 miles and and 8 mile ride back to the start every rider can choose their own challenge.

On the typical adventure ride you will see beautiful sunsets, idyllic pastures, moose, deer, owls, beavers, turkeys . . . You know what you won't see a lot of? CARS! and that is our favorite part! With over 8,000 miles of gravel roads in Vermont there is plenty of roads to explore that take you on the road less traveled.

What Bike Should I Choose? (in order):

  1. Cyclocross bike.
  2. Gravel Road Bike with mtb pedals and at least 28mm tires (be prepared, there will be dirt & maybe mud too)
    Mountain Bike (hardtail or dual suspension)
  3. Fat bike or Single Speed.
  4. If all you have is a road bike and your willing to get it dirty and you are keen for some adventure, we can't stop you.

We have done the entire course with all of the above and anyone of these choices will allow you to ride most if not all of the course and have a great time!

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