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After finishing your awe-inspiring ride, it’s time to feed your stomach and thighs! Burlington offers some of the best local cuisine around, with every accommodation imaginable: vegan, gluten-free, gluten-full, vegetarian, and, don’t worry carnivores, there are great meat places, too. Check out some of the top places to stop by after telling us at Local Motion about your ride!


     1. Skinny Pancake

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     Skinny Pancake puts new pep in the age-old crêpe. From local salads to crêpe sandwiches oozing with Cabot cheddar and everything in between, they’ve got the range of options to satisfy that post-ride craving for calories. After stopping by Local Motion to let us know about your ride, continue down the bike path and you'll end up smack in front of the Skinny Pancake! Not only do they support local businesses and farms with their incredible foods, but they also regularly feature musicians, artists, comedians and more with regular live performances. Check out their website to see what performances and eats can help you chill after your ride.


    2. The Farmhouse Group

   All localvore and voraciously local! The Farmhouse Group features four restaurants:

  1.    The Farmhouse Tap and Grill

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        With mouthwatering burgers, sensuous salads, and tantalizing entrées, the wildly popular Farmhouse Tap and Grill restaurant located in downtown Burlington. With a farm-to-table philosophy, the Farmhouse supports Vermont farms and their produce. In addition, it boasts one of the most robust taprooms around, including a beer garden where you stretch out in post-ride glory and sip on a local craft beer. Overall, this is the place to come for a hearty, wholesome meal and support Vermont’s local economy.


     2.   Pascolo Ristorante

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        Benvenuto to Pascolo Ristorante, an Italian-themed dinner restaurant and part of the Farmhouse Group. From homemade pastas to wood-fired - or al legna - pizzas, this warm and friendly ristorante will fill your belly with fabulous food and cheer after a ride. With a window to the kitchen, you can watch chefs create their pastas in front of your own eyes! Pascolo Ristorante’s ingredients support local farmers, and you can ride up to it in downtown Burlington to treat yourself to quality cuisine. Buono appetito!


     3.    El Cortijo

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        Tucked away in an old-fashioned diner-style locale in downtown Burlington, this renowned taqueria and cantina will snap you to your senses with its saucy and sensual flavors. With their “farm-to-taco” ideology, El Cortijo brings in only the finest local ingredients to combine into a plethora of plates. Not only do they serve tantalizing tacos and burritos, they also boast a robust tequila menu, featuring everything from a blanco to a mezcal - and even a Vermont-made tequila! Whether you go for a brunch calorie boost before a ride, or to thrill your tastebuds after a long day on the wheels, El Cortijo is muy delicioso!


     4. Guild Tavern

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        A stone’s throw from Burlington, the Guild Tavern is an ideal destination for those who seek hearty, nourishing après-ride meals. From steak frites to salmon salad, the Tavern covers all its bases. They take their cooking seriously, and, with a wood-fired grill, there is no doubt you will enjoy every morsel. With an extensive local beer list and wines from sustainable small-growers, you can expect to kick back and refuel in style after spending a day bike-touring Vermont.


       3. Switchback Brewery

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     What better way to unwind after a long day on the bike than with a nice cold draught? Head south on the bike path from Local Motion and park your bike at the Switchback Taproom and Brewery! Locally brewed, this taproom and brewery offers a variety of beers on tap as well as a few snacks to tide you over until dinner time. Before enjoying your beer, make sure to reserve a Saturday tour of the brewery to see how Switchback's renowned beer is made. All in all, Switchback is a great place to kick back and relax with an après-ride brew and a good vibe.



All in all, Burlington is a great place to dine after you finish your cycling. Let us know at Local Motion which places were your favorite!

Bon Appetit!

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