Local Motion Bike Ferry Not to Run During 2018 Biking Season

Sony_Camera_5-10-18_1084.JPGOn May 4th, 2018 severe storms caused significant damage to the Colchester Causeway. Local Motion has met with the Town of Colchester and found them to be working hard to address what has now been determined to be a major reconstruction project.

Sony_Camera_5-10-18_1090.JPGA project of this scope will take time to plan, fund and execute and unfortunately time has run out for the 2018 Bike Ferry Season. As a result of the assessment, Local Motion must indefinitely postpone ferry service at the cut this year.

The 8 minute ride that the Bike Ferry offers to over 16,000 people a year is like no other in the world and brings joy and adventure to so many. Local Motion is saddened that they will not be able to offer the service this year. "Sometimes bad things happen that are beyond our control. This is one of those times, but we are optimistic that today's challenges will result in an improved infrastructure, a more sustainable Bike Ferry operation and will remain a complement to all of the important work Local Motion does," stated Karen Yacos, Executive Director of Local Motion.

The Town of Colchester is updating their website and social media accounts with the most up-to-date information. Local Motion will also continue to communicate updates as they received them.