Give a donation and be entered to win!

bike.jpg“I got a little green bicycle with training wheels. I learned to cycle without them during a sleepover at my aunt's house, where my cousins taught me how to balance the bike just so. You would think they had taught me how to fly... 

...The feeling of freedom I felt when I first managed it without falling was so exhilarating that for a moment I believed I wasn't coming back. I would just keep on cycling, to the end of the world.” From Freedom is a Bicycle by Siema Ramdas.  Here at Local Motion we work everyday so that everyone can experience that freedom in a safe and fun environment.  However, our efforts to increase biking and walking safety throughout the state, is dependent on you and your support. We simply CAN’T do it without you. As the end of the year approaches, we are looking to you to help fund the future of biking and walking in Vermont by giving a financial gift as part of our Year-End Appeal. As a thank you for your generosity you will be entered to win...TREK bicycles!

Earl’s Cyclery of South Burlington,  has generously donated 4 bicycles to be raffled off as a “thank you!“ to all those who make a financial gift. There will be two drawings, each for a pair of hybrid bikes. Make a gift by December 15 to qualify for the first drawing.  All gifts received between August 1 and January 15 will qualify for the second drawing! So give today and increase your chances of winning!

Donate to enter!

Bikes to be raffled are…

A women’s 17” 7.3 FX 

A medium size 20” 7.3 FX 

TREK’s 7.3 FX is an all-around everything bike - for commuting, for fitness or riding for the pure fun of it, TREK calls this bike “your trusted steed”.

A women’s 16” Verve 3

A 20” Verve 3

Comfy and easy to ride might be the best way to describe the Verve 3 . Haven’t been on a bike in a while? This is the bike you want to ride while becoming reacquainted with the sport.