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2021 Year End Appeal

At Local Motion, we make timely and impactful change in the communities where we work, and yet we also take the long view.

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont, which means that walking and biking must be part of our state’s answer to the climate crisis. We are making progress: you can see it along Route 15 in Colchester, where a new section of shared-use path brings us closer to connected communities. From Burlington to Brattleboro, Vermont is building and planning walk/bike infrastructure. And yet, this summer showed us that we have to be bolder and move faster. 

With your support, we’ll continue to approach this challenge with the resources we need to turn urgency into immediate progress and the resolve needed to sustain this long-term project. This summer, donors supported community projects like the Burlington Greenway Detour along Battery Street, and pedestrian-focused Pop-Up Demonstrations in Greensboro, Ludlow, Waitsfield, and Rutland. When you donate, you also support our E-bike Lending Libraries, Bike Smart education for kids, Valet Bike Parking, and so much more. These programs make real change by educating the next generation of riders, hastening the adoption of e-bikes, and building the infrastructure that makes walking and biking fun, safe, and efficient. Each program generates awareness of sustainable transportation, and grows our community of advocates that enables the change we need. 

We’re making progress, and yet we still have a long road to travel. We are humbled and grateful to have partners like you along for the journey.

Our statewide work is possible when you donate, volunteer, and stay involved!