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2021 Spring Appeal

Where will spring take you?

Will you walk your street and reconnect with a neighbor you haven’t seen all winter? Will you cruise down a bike path with family and friends? Will you get wonderfully lost on Vermont’s dirt roads? Maybe you’ll enjoy an outdoor meal in a downtown parklet. Perhaps we’ll see you aboard our Bike Ferry.

We’re hopeful that this spring will restore the connections we’ve all been missing for so long, and Local Motion is working harder than ever to ensure that every Vermonter has access to public spaces and services that allow them to be outside and to safely connect with their community. 

  • This spring, we launched our Everybody Rides! program to ensure that buying a ticket isn’t a barrier to riding the Bike Ferry.
  • We’re bringing our E-Bike Lending Libraries to towns all over the state, allowing folks who never thought they would ride again, or never thought they’d make it up that hill into town, to just get outside and get around.
  • We’re supporting towns, advocates, and organizations across the state with technical assistance for projects that make our communities better for walking and biking.
  • We’re in Montpelier, pushing for new legislation and funding for complete streets, e-bike incentives, and projects like the completion of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.
  • And of course, we’re providing kids all over Vermont with the education they need to enjoy all the benefits of biking.

So no matter where this spring takes you, know that Local Motion is working to make that walk or ride as good as it can be.