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2020 Spring Appeal

Local Motion is hard at work. We’ve deployed our programming in new ways, are recalibrating our advocacy and education to the present crisis, and are working to influence and prepare for whatever new normal we arrive at on the other side. Through it all, we’re counting on you to help Local Motion stay strong. 

Please donate today to help Local Motion stay strong through this crisis.

We also count on spring to lift our spirits as the sun warms us, birds appear, and the earth begins to bloom. The simple pleasure of taking a walk keeps us physically and mentally healthy and slows our lives down to where we become more present and observant of all that spring is.

Let’s not forget what we discovered and appreciated during our isolation, and apply it to our lives moving forward: To take time for a walk or to ride a bike, smell the fresh air, listen to the wind, and talk to a neighbor.

Local Motion is here for you now and will be there for you then. Our mission has not changed, and much of our work continues. Here’s a look at how we’ve adjusted: 

  • We’re holding public online workshops to help folks get out on their bikes 
  • We’re continuing to advocate for safer and more equitable streets throughout Vermont, attending virtual meetings, monitoring and giving feedback on projects, and preparing to influence how infrastructure stimulus funds are spent
  • We’re working on projects that will make other programs even more effective once they restart

Like our entire community, Local Motion is also facing some uncertainty. We aren’t sure when essential funding sources, such as our bike rental operation, will resume. We’re looking to our community to help ensure that we emerge from this crisis not necessarily unchanged, but still strong, and still familiar—like that friend you haven’t seen in weeks, who will be there for a walk or a ride when this is all over.

P.S. Did you know that the 2020 CARES Act provides an “above the line” universal charitable deduction up to $300 made by any taxpayer? Check with your tax professional for advice.