Bike Smart for Kids

One of the main stumbling blocks educators encounter when they try to provide bike skills programs for a large group of children is a lack of access to bikes and other equipment.  Local Motion has recognized that most organizations do not have the resources to provide meaningful bike skills instruction, and through the support of many partners* has developed the Bike Smart Program.

The Bike Smart program provides organizations with a 20’ trailer with 30+ kids’ bikes (in a full range of sizes), training materials, helmets, tools, support; everything an instructor would need to teach children how to be confident, competent bicycle riders.  Bike Smart is based on a game-rich bike skills curriculum developed by Local Motion and the Center for Health and Learning.

Bike Smart is FREE to any Vermont organization that serves children in grades k-8 (aside from a nominal delivery fee). Local Motion will deliver the trailer to your organization, and leave it on-site for one to two weeks.   We also offer a steadily growing range of adaptive bicycles to allow children with disabilities to participate.

Teaching bike safety at a young age  

We are all booked for the 2016-2017 school year.  Want to request the trailer for your school next year? Sign up early!  Spots fill up fast!  You can sign up for the summer and the next school year at the links below:



*Partners:  Kohl’s Cares, Vermont Children’s Hospital, Rise VT, VTrans and Governor’s Highway Safety Program

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Bike Smart Suggestion Box

Bike Smart educators! Please use this space to ask each other (and us) questions about the Bike Smart program.  If you have a knotty problem you're trying to solve, (for example: finding volunteers, or re-packing the trailer, or running a Bike Smart module with a large group of children, etc) ask it here.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
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Testimonials from Bike Smart Participants



"The Kohl's Bike Trailer was amazing. My favorite experience with the bikes was getting to go to our local beach and bike around the island. Our physical education teacher, Mrs. Larvey, and our homeroom teacher, Mr. Fish, took us biking for at least 10 miles when we had the amazing trails. We really enjoyed it, and we hope to have it again, This trailer helped us get exercise and enjoy the wonderful sights of our small but beautiful island. " - Nicholas, Age 11

"My favorite moment about the biking program was the field trails. I liked it because I was spending time with my friends. I REALLY like the moment when we got  a water break halfway through. After you get to rest and drink MORE water. I really loved the field trails! I hope others did, too." - Bruce, Age 10

"I enjoyed the time when we went on a bike field trip to the blacksmith shop in Isle la Motte. The ride there was stunningly beautiful! I enjoyed the nice sounds of the calming lake and the birds chirping away, that was very calming. It was also nice to spend some quality time with all my friends. That was one of my favorite biking moments." - Jacob, Age 10

"My favorite part of biking in Isle la Motte is going on field trips with the bikes. I loved it when we went to the blacksmith shop. It was so fun. I hope we can go again. I could bike forever if I didn't get tired. Isle la Motte is so beautiful!" - Victoria, Age 10

"My favorite memory of biking at Isle la Motte is doing the obstacle courses. I liked how it felt like driving on a real road. It was cool when you can make your own decisions on which way you can go. I also enjoyed it because it is a good way to get exercise and still have fun. I liked it because I love to bike and I like being outside." - Frankie, Age 10

"My favorite bike ride is go to the Shrine. It a nice ride to look at the lake on Isle la Motte. Everyone loves to bike. Ms. Larvey taught the 2,3,4,5,6 grades to fix bikes and to ride safe. Everyone loves it in the summer. It is a good time to get exercise. The warm season is the best time to ride." - Luke, Age 10

"I like all the field trips we had on our bikes. It was amazing to see all the good views. We all had fun because we took breaks and we all were ready to continue. There was a kid named Joel here that was behind us, and I mean really far behind us! It didn't matter, we all were cheering him on. We had fun because we all got to spend time with our friends." -Jaylynn, Age 10

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