Rules of the Road

Staying safe on Vermont's roads, paths, and sidewalks starts with understanding the rules of the road. Local Motion provides this resource to make sure that you stay informed, and stay safe.

Give Some Love, Get Some Love

BKT-givesomelove_thumb.jpgGive Some Love, Get Some Love: 
Safety is a Two-Way Street.

That's the motto of the Safe Streets Network.  We've been working since 2008 to build a culture of respect on Vermont's streets and roads.  Our "Give Some Love" brochure lays out the rules of the road for people walking, biking, and driving in clear, straightforward language.  Our goal is to make it easy to do the right thing!

Download the "get some love" Brochure

Vermont Walk & Bike Laws

goldendome_thumb.jpgLocal Motion offers a summary of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists in Vermont as a pocket-sized reference printed on waterproof paper.  To order free copies for distribution to your cycling club, school, or workplace, contact Mary Catherine Graziano.  You can also view the Vermont statutes online below.

Review Vermont Statutes Online


Here are shortcuts to some of the most important specific sections of the Vermont State Statutes:

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