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The Give Respect, Get Respect Brochure

SSCBrochure-picGive Respect, Get Respect:  Safety is a Two-Way Street.

That's the motto of the Safe Streets Collaborative.  We've been working since late 2008 to build a culture of respect on Burlington's streets.  Now, with primary support from the Governor's Highway Safety Program as well as founding support from the Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization and Local Motion members, we're beginning to expand beyond Chittenden County.

Our most important outreach tool is the "Give Respect, Get Respect" brochure.  Designed by a team of students in Champlain College's Graphic Design and Digital Media program, this brochure lays out the rules of the road for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians in clear, straightforward terms.  It also includes a $6 discount coupon for safety gear , from helmets to reflective vests to blinky lights to hands-free headsets!

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Rules of the Road for Motorists

Be Alert

Driving is like holding a loaded gun.  One moment of inattention can take someone's life.  Don't take the road for granted!


Avoid Distractions

Reaching for cell phones and other gadgets causes accidents.  If you must make or receive a call, pull over or use a hands-free device.  Texting while driving is illegal in Vermont.  Save $156.*


Stop at Stop Bars

At intersections, keep the crosswalks clear for pedestrians by stopping at the stop bar.


Yield at Crosswalks

Yield to pedestrians in all crosswalks, even at mid-block crosswalks.  Save $214.*


Pass Bikes Only When Safe

Unless specifically signed otherwise, cyclists have a right to ride on the road.  Don't pass until it is safe.  When you do, provide plenty of space between your car and the bicycle.


When Parking, Don't Block Sidewalks

Pedestrians need to get through, especially those of us in wheelchairs.  Save $50.*


Yield Anyway

When in doubt, yield.  Preventing a crash is more important than being right.  Think about it.


*Amount represents 'waiver' penalty. Actual fine amounts may vary.



Rules of the Road for Walkers

Use Crosswalks

Crosswalks are designed for your safety.  If there is a crosswalk nearby, take the time and walk to it before crossing the street.


No Crosswalk?  Yield To Cars

If there is no crosswalk nearby, you may cross the street only when there is a safe gap in traffic.


Obey Pedestrian Signals

If a crosswalk has a pedestrian signal, it is illegal to start crossing when the signal says "Don't Walk."  Save $209.*


Don't Dart Out

Cars are required to yield only if the pedestrian gives the driver enough time to react.  So make sure there's room for the car to stop before stepping out.


No Sidewalk?  Walk Facing Traffic

If there isn't a sidewalk, walk on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.


Wear Bright Clothing

Reflective clothing will help you to be seen, especially at night.


*Amount represents 'waiver' penalty.  Actual fine amounts may vary.




Rules of the Road for Bike Riders

Obey All Traffic Laws

On the roadway, a bicycle is a vehicle.  Bicyclists have the same rights as drivers, but they also have the same responsibilities, including having to make a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.  Save $209.*


Ride With Traffic

Riding against traffic is a major cause of bike-car collisions.  Follow the law by riding with traffic.  Save $151.*


Be Predictable - Act Like a Car

Ride straight - don't weave around parked cars.  When in a group, ride two abreast only on quiet streets and roads, and single up when cars need to pass.


Warn Others When Approaching

Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians.  Be courteous - ring your bell or give a friendly greeting when approaching from behind.


Signal All Turns

Look back before you make a lane change or turn.  Use your arm to signal an upcoming turn.


Lights At Night

Use a headlight and a red rear reflector - or better yet, a red light - when riding at night.  Save $65.*


Ride to the Right

Stay as close to the edge of the road as is practicable, so as to allow others to pass.


*Amount represents 'waiver' penalty.  Actual fine amounts may vary.


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