Young Bike Ferry Rider Earns 10,000th Title


At the Local Motion Bike Ferry, kids come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes the kids are grown up, and out on a final ride before their parents drop them off at college. Other times they’re little ones, slathered in sunscreen and found securely in a tag-a-long. This past Friday, August 26th, one special kid earned the title of the bike ferry’s 10,000th passenger in 2016, and we couldn’t have asked for a better recipient.  What better way to begin our season wind-down?

Miss Campbell Clarke came to the bike ferry with her parents from Colchester, Vermont.This polite and easy-going first-grader was unaware of what was in store for her once she made it to The Cut. After getting her ticket, the Local Motion Dockside Ambassador and Captain couldn’t wait to celebrate a rider from the newest generation as the bike ferry’s 10,000th rider.


Finally aboard the Bill and Carole Hauke II, Campbell and her family got comfortable as Captain Brian Zabel and Deckhand Frank Malaki took them for an extended ride across Lake Champlain. As a small reward for this big winner, the staff gave Campbell a cookie of her choice to enjoy on the ferry ride, which she was enjoying when her picture was taken.

When asked what brought them out to the ferry for the day, Campbell’s mother Jessica explained that the family wanted “to do something adventurous with their last day of summer.” Jessica had been to the Causeway all her life and even remembers walking the marble 

causeway when she was a kid. However, this was the first time Jessica, her husband Levi, and Campbell had all biked to the ferry and made a day of it. They had plans to bike all the way to Allenholm Farm in South Hero for some maple creemees.

Campbell was a good sport on Friday and accepted her title graciously. She was a perfect example of the newest generation of riders who make it out to the Local Motion Bike Ferry almost every day. They may come in all different shapes and sizes, but they show that using bikes to explore the beautiful surrounding landscape has no age requirement.


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