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Better by Bike is about two things:



It's that simple.  More streets that are better for biking.  More people enjoying life by bike.  Wherever there is an opportunity to create change on the ground or get more people pedaling, we call it "Better by Bike."  

Here is what's cooking right now.  We're just getting started!  Check back regularly for campaigns, events, happenings, and more.

Many thanks to Solidarity of Unbridled Labour for creative design, and to many of our business sponsors for their support!

BURLINGTON Better by Bike

burlingtonBBB_bikeonly_thumb.jpgBURLINGTON Better by Bike is a campaign to make Burlington the best small city for biking on the East Coast.  First came "Go for Gold."  That paved the way for "PlanBTV Walk Bike."  Want to know more?  Read on!

Here's the backstory.  In 2012, Local Motion began a concerted effort to accelerate the pace of change for better biking (and walking) in Burlington.  We set our sights on achieving gold-level recognition as both a "Walk Friendly Community" and a "Bicycle Friendly Community" (both of which are national recognition programs).  To that end, we worked with a variety of partners to create a "Go for Gold Blueprint" that assessed Burlington's strengths and weaknesses and identified opportunities for improvement for both walking and biking.  You can read more about the Blueprint at this link, as well as download both a two-page summary and the full text of the Blueprint itself.  

The Go for Gold Blueprint led to the creation of a "Go for Gold Leadership Team" under the aegis of the Burlington mayor's office.  The purpose of this team—which included high-level representatives of a variety of city departments as well as non-municipal partners—was to identify and pursue strategies that would advance the goals identified in the Blueprint.  The Go for Gold Strategic Plan was released in early 2015, and is available at this link.  

In mid-2015, Burlington Public Works launched the city's first-ever comprehensive planning effort for walking and biking, called "PlanBTV Walk Bike."  Local Motion was appointed to serve on the core technical committee for that effort, and has played a key role on two fronts: ensuring that the plan is both visionary and practical, and building support for its approval and implementation.  Read more about PlanBTV Walk Bike and learn about how you can help implement the plan at this link.

planbtvwalkbike Go For Gold PlanBTV Walk Bike

BREAKFAST Better by Bike

BREAKFAST Better by Bike is an annual Local Motion event on or near National Bike to Work Day.  Visit a participating coffee shop by bike, and you'll get a free treat or discount—just for showing up on two wheels!


Here's how it works.  On one of the two event days, use your bike to visit your favorite participating coffee shop.  Show your helmet, and you'll get a free coffee, a free baked good, a discount on your order, or some other perk at the discretion of the shop.  (It's different at each shop.)

And if you post a photo of yourself enjoying your bikeable breakfast on the BREAKFAST Better by Bike Facebook page, you'll be entered to win a $50 gift card to the store of your choice!