Upper Valley E-Bike Lending Library

Local Motion has partnered with a group of dedicated volunteers from the Upper Valley to bring a localized E-bike Lending Library to the area.  Hosted by libraries, energy committees, and volunteers, four e-bikes will be traveling around the Upper Valley and available to borrow for set loan periods.

2021 Schedule: 

Hartford and Quechee:  4/19/21 - 5/8/21

Hanover, NH:  5/10/21 - 5/29/21

Sharon:  5/31/21 - 6/12/21

Norwich: 6/14/21 - 7/3/21

Lebanon, NH:  7/5/21 - 7/24/21

Thetford/Strafford/Lyme:  7/26/21 - 8/28/21

Cornish/Plainfield:  8/30/21 - 9/18/21

Hartland/Windsor/Woodstock: 9/20/21 - 10/9/21

New London, NH:  10/11/21 - 10/30/21


How it Works for Borrowers

  1. Head over to the reservations page (click on the button below) to reserve your loan period.
  2. Choose the available dates (see each e-bike on the reservation page for details) and complete the form. You'll receive a confirmation email.
  3. Coordinate a pick-up time with the host at the location indicated on your confirmation email.
  4. Have fun and enjoy a car-free life! 
  5. Return the bike on the last day of your loan period. Hours of drop-off are coordinated with the host.

   Please Read Below Before Reserving a Bike! - Important Borrowing Details!

      • Overnight storage: You must be able to store bikes in a locked indoors location to be eligible to borrow a bike! We're sorry if you can't, but we can't afford to lose them! Also, note that some of the bikes are heavy so some bikes won't be able to go upstairs. See each bike for weights below.
      • Transport from pick-up: Ideally, you will ride the e-bike home. If that is not possible, you will need to transport the bike in a truck, van, SUV, or car trunk with the seats down. It really depends on which bike since some are quite large. We cannot send e-bikes out on car bike racks due to the risk of rack failure (it has happened).
      • Cargo: When carrying heavy items, be sure to balance the weight on both sides of the bike to prevent wobbly and sketchy riding.
      • Helmet and lock: we'll supply you with both if you want, but feel free to use your own. (also free!)

      reserve a bike!


The e-bikes:

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon
The RadWagon is a cargo e-bike that can carry you and your kids, groceries, and other valuable cargo around town and some mild backroads. The 5 pedal-assist levels and throttle help take the buckets of sweat away from your bike commute and the cargo carrying ability makes this a true car replacement! 
Available to purchase online only at the Rad Power Bikes website. (MSRP: $1,599).

Watch the overview video here (operations info starts at 7:30).

Minimum rider height: about 5'2"
E-bike weight: 73 pounds
Transport: ride home

Specialized Turbo Como

This e-bike feels like a rocket ship (if you want it to). Its over-sized road tires absorb bumps and cracks in the road. The e-assist propellers you over hills and across flats. The Turbo Como is great for commuting any distance, from 2 miles to 20 miles. With a range of up to about 60 miles, the Como will take you far! This bike fits folks who are 5'6" and taller. Available to purchase at Skirack (MSRP: $2,700). 

Minimum rider height: about 5'2"
E-bike weight: 48 pounds
Transport: ride home, truck bed, van

Specialized Hard Rock with an E-bike Conversion Kit 

This bike was updated with an e-bike conversion kit and battery, but it rides just as smoothly as an integrated bike.  Give this bike a try to see if a conversion kit could work in your life.

Size:  S/M


Finiss with Electric Assist

This bike was updated with an e-bike conversion kit and battery, but it rides just as smoothly as an integrated bike. The bike is an aluminum mountain bike style for a medium size rider. Give this bike a try to see if a conversion kit could work in your life.

Size: Medium




Thank you to our program partners: 

Rad Power Bikes for donating the RadWagon
Our e-bike hosts at Rutland Rec

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