Local Motion Joins Partners to Revolutionize VT Transportation

T4VT-blog-image.jpgVermonters spend about a quarter of their income on transportation, and almost half of Vermont’s greenhouse gas pollution comes from the transportation sector. We think that is unacceptable, and  we can do much better. How? Transportation for Vermonters can help get us there.

Getting from point A to point B can be expensive, confusing, and polluting in cities and urban areas, so in places like Vermont where A and B are sometimes dozens of miles apart for many people’s daily commute, it’s even more expensive, confusing, and polluting.  We wish every Vermonter had the option to travel via biking, walking, or taking the bus, but we know it isn’t that easy quite yet. Fortunately, there are some incredibly intelligent and creative folks in Vermont working on improving transportation in our state, and we joined them to work together. The group is called Transportation for Vermonters (T4VT), which is a promising network of Vermont organizations, businesses, and institutions researching, planning, and advocating for solutions that will lead to more affordable, sustainable, and convenient transportation around the state.


As a member of T4VT, Local Motion will work with partners from across Vermont to improve local biking and walking in communities both urban and rural for Vermonters of all income levels. We’re looking forward to better public transit options that when combined with biking and walking can get you nearly anywhere you want to go in Vermont. We look forward to the day when transportation is responsible for only a tiny fraction of our state’s carbon emissions as compared to nearly 50% of the state’s climate change pollutants today. Local Motion is excited for when most Vermonters spend much less of their hard-earned dollars to travel, and what we do spend on transportation stays in Vermont--not sent out of state to oil companies.

The work on which T4VT focuses ranges from effective walking and biking infrastructure to functional and widespread public transit to increased electric car charging stations to electrifying our public and school buses. The most recent action taken by T4VT is a series of recommendations for spending VW Settlement funds. Read the settlement comments here. And keep an eye out for updates from T4VT partners:

AARP-VT, the American Lung Association in Vermont, Capstone Community Action, the Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association, Local Motion, Renewable Energy Vermont, Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club, Vermont Clean Cities Coalition, Vermont Energy Investment Corp., Vermont Natural Resources Council, and Vermont Public Interest Research Group.

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