The Proof is in the Numbers

8426239132_6fc1c33f5f_q.jpgMost of us feel safer and more confident cycling on the road when there are clearly designated bike lanes, but how effective are these lanes in reality? New data from StreetsBlog USA shows that an increase in bike lanes within a city means more cyclists on the road and fewer severe or fatal injuries. The release of this report is timed perfectly as we prepare to launch our MORE STRIPES ON STREETS campaign! 

The importance of this information cannot be overstated. Expanding bike infrastructure means more cyclists and more awareness, which in turn leads to safer biking conditions. And, with safer biking conditions comes even more cyclists! Here at Local Motion, we want to see as many bikes on the road as possible. By putting more stripes on the streets, Vermont will begin to see more butts on bikes. Get excited for the new campaign! 

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