A Summer of Village Safety in Shelburne

During the past year, the Village Pedestrian Safety Group has been working on a number of initiatives to improve pedestrian safety in Shelburne's historic village core. Shelburne has been working to manage driving speeds and increase pedestrian safety in its village center. As part of this effort, the Village Safety Committee and Local Motion worked together with the town, to create a series of pop-up demonstration projects around the theme of "A Summer Of Village Safety."


With help from the Local Motion technical assistance team and the Mobile Pop-Up Demonstration Support Unit (aka the Pop-Up trailer) volunteers installed several temporary curb extensions at two new crosswalks along Falls Road in the Village -- one by Church Street and another at the cemetery. Volunteers gathered information about whether drivers were more likely to stop for pedestrians when the crosswalks were more noticeable because of the curb extensions. The safety group found a vast improvement in compliance during the temporary design change. 

According to the chair of the Village Pedestrian Safety Group, the pop-up projects were a "smashing success" and they plan to run a second series of pop-up demonstration projects in September. Stay tuned!    










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