Walk and Bike to School Day Toolkit Documents: 

Image of seven walk and bike to school posters, with the titles: Rain or Sun, Biking is Fun! Start Your Day with an Adventure! What Will YOU See on Your Way to School? Bikes + Friends = :)  Bikes + Friends = :) v2 Stop Driving! Walk or Bike to School

Crossing Guard Trainings Available!

Request a Crossing Guard Training!

We are offering free trainings for Crossing Guards for any school district in Vermont.  

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  • Duration: 90 minutes (requires AV equipment and projectors)
  • Description: Local Motion and Sgt. Jay Riggen from the Vermont State Police co-teach this extremely valuable crossing guard training.  Topics covered include: the "why" of the importance of crossing guards, the role and responsibilities of crossing guards, best practices for facilitating safe crossings, specific safety issues and concerns involving children and more.  Comes with a training booklet and other materials.

See Local Motion's 2024 analysis of national crossing guard studies here. 

Walk/Bike Safety Educational Program (free for SRTS schools)

Schools that actively participate in Safe Routes to School (plan events, do travel tallies and parent surveys, etc) are eligible to receive Local Motion's educational programming. 

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About our Programs:

"Keep a Lid on It" -- Local Motion's helmet safety program (3rd-6th grade, with adaptations for pre-k-2nd grade) Duration: 30-40 minutes.  This very popular, fun, interactive, and informative program will allow students to make the connection between wearing a helmet and protecting their head in a bicycle crash. We will discuss how a helmet works and show the proper way to fit a helmet; hear the story of a boy who was seriously injured in a bike crash; execute the “egg drop” helmet demonstration; and conduct a sharing activity on the topic of students’ own experiences.

Street Safety Detectives-- Local Motion's STEM engineering "Walk Audit" program (3rd-5th grades) Duration: 90 minutes (includes outside hands-on component).  This STEM-focused, place-based, hands-on program is designed to connect students more intimately to their communities, engage in problem-solving processes that improve their communities and introduce them to road engineering principles and civic engagement. 

The indoor portion of the program will involve an introduction to the concepts and the data collection activity that students will be conducting. Students will then go outside and be led through a "walk audit" activity collecting data about and evaluating the health, safety and accessibility of the neighborhood or streets directly surrounding their school for walking, biking, and mobility devices. Walk audit locations will be heavily dependent on the safety of the surrounding infrastructure. We know that many schools are located on high-speed, high-traffic commuter routes, and in those cases, students will either stay strictly on school grounds to conduct a very local data collection, or possibly utilize a side-route safely accessible to the school and evaluate that. Safety is of the highest priority in this activity, and we will plan the data collection component accordingly. This program was designed to align with State Educational Standards

Driver's Ed Presentation: On the Margins: Vulnerable Users on Vermont Road (for Driver’s Ed students) Duration: 60 minutes (requires AV equipment and projectors) This engaging and highly in demand program introduces new drivers to the principles of driving safely around vulnerable users, as well as skills for being safe while they are walking and biking on the roadways.  This program introduces students to different perspectives of best-practices on road safety,  in an engaging, thought-provoking format.  

Education for Parents and Kids

Family Survey Resources

Safe Routes to School Resources

Travel Tally Resources

Year-Long Encouragement Activities:

Schools that sign up for Safe Routes to School are eligible to receive start-up kits. Kits include stickers, reflective vests, and a banner, as well as optional add-on kits: Muddy Boot Award, Moovin' in Vermont Poster, Golden Ticket and VEEP emissions bags.

Winter Walk to School Day Toolkit Documents:

Bike Smart/Walk Smart Resources