Six Things We're Watching and Listening To

Did you know that there’s a vibrant culture of active transportation-focused media?

Active transportation is a hot topic in the United States and beyond, and makes for fascinating videos and podcasts that wrap in perspectives on the climate crisis, equity, health and wellness, safety, community vitality, and more. Following these YouTubers and podcasters is an informative and entertaining way to learn about communities and transportation.

Whether you need a new podcast for your walk, bike, or roll to work, or are looking for a binge-worthy YouTube channel, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top six podcasts and YouTube channels covering walking, biking, and rolling:


1. Not Just Bikes (YouTube Channel) 

Jason Slaughter, creator of YouTube Channel Not Just Bikes, isn’t an engineer or a planner, and has a knack for explaining concepts in a comprehensible and entertaining way. Focusing on the Netherlands, he discusses the benefits of car-free neighborhoods and well-designed walk/bike/roll infrastructure. He also travels to other countries, where he discusses issues with city design and urban planning.


2. The War on Cars (Podcast) 

Hosted by Doug Gordon, Sarah Goodyear, and Aaron Naparstek, The War on Cars (the name is tongue in cheek) podcast focuses on the clash between cars, cultures, and livability. The three hosts are leading voices in the complete and livable streets movement, and the podcast looks at the role of cars in society at every possible angle. According to their website, It's a podcast that, at its heart, is about looking at streets with fresh eyes and restoring humanity to our cities and towns.”

We especially recommend checking out the episode featuring Vermont’s own Dave Cohen.


3. Strong Towns (Podcast) 

Strong Towns is one of our favorite national organizations, and they produce three different podcasts: the Strong Towns Podcast, The Bottom-Up Revolution, and Upzoned. There’s something for anyone interested in communities, from housing to transportation and incremental development. The Strong Towns Podcast features Strong Towns Founder and President Charles Marohn along with special guests; on the show, they explore ways to make cities, towns, and neighborhoods better places to live. The Bottom-Up Revolution is hosted by Rachel Quednau, and it’s all about how people have stepped up to make their communities more economically resilient. Abby Kinney and Chuck Marohn host Upzoned, where they discuss a big story each week that touches on the Strong Towns movement.


4. City Beautiful (YouTube Channel) 

Like Not Just Bikes, City Beautiful covers a variety of topics, including transportation, land use planning, and urban design. As an urban planner, producer Dave Amos provides a high level of expertise and inside perspective with a fun and creative approach. Some of his videos include “What Happened When They Banned Cars” and “How to Design a Great Street.”



5. Talking Headways (Podcast) 

Talking Headways is hosted by Streetsblog USA and Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire. In each episode, Wood and guests discuss transportation, urban planning, city living, and everything in between. Recent episodes feature topics such as: “Walking with Pedestrian Dignity,” “Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities,” and “Parking Policies for Cities.”



6. Active Towns (Podcast) 

Active Towns host John Simmerman profiles people, places, programs, and policies that encourage growth of activity within communities. In 2012, Simmerman launched the nonprofit Advocates for Healthy Communities to create healthy and active places for people to thrive. That’s what Active Towns is all about—showing people the communities that are already thriving in order to show other people how they can create similar ways of life in their own places.