Safety is a Two-Way Street

man_on_bike.jpgWith an increasing number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in Vermont, it is more important than ever to understand safety precautions for bikers, walkers, and drivers alike. WCAX's latest on-air feature, Dangerous Roads: Sharing streets with cyclists, pedestrians, is must-see-TV for ALL users of the road, and a good reminder that safety is a two-way street.

Watch the TV spot

Every biker has had that moment: a car takes a right turn and doesn't check the bike lane, a truck whips by way over the speed limit, or someone opens their car door at precisely the wrong instance. Biking can be a calculated risk, but it doesn't have to be. What steps can you, as a biker, take to ensure your safety? How can you, as a driver, remain respectful and conscientious of other users on our shared roadway? A recent feature on WCAX shares safety tips and tricks on bike safety for all users of the road. 

Whether you drive, bike, walk, or run, educate yourself on bike safety by checking out the video below, featuring Local Motion's own Emily Boedecker!