Richmond Gets Creative with Pop-Up Projects

The Town of Richmond, community volunteers, and Local Motion partnered to pop-up several temporary crosswalks and curb extensions, to address and experiment with ways to manage vehicle speed and increase pedestrian visibility, connectivity and safety downtown on Bridge Street. The project ran for about two weeks over the summer. 

Local Motion's technical assistance team worked with the town to design the crosswalks - even temporary infrastructure must be designed properly! We also provided our Pop-Up Project Mobile Support Unit (aka the Pop-up trailer) filled with bollards, temporary paint and orange safety vests. The town worked to recruit volunteers from the trails committee to help paint in the crosswalks and set up the bollards. The Richmond Highway Department participated by helpfully providing the crosswalk stencil and the traffic flagger. 

Town representatives talked with local business owners about the project beforehand and coordinated the development of an informational poster, which was hung up at multiple properties in town. The poster also contained a link to an online survey which was created and hosted by Local Motion. 

 A temporary crosswalk was installed on Bridge Street at Depot/Pleasant Street



 A new, pop-up crosswalk and curb bumpout at Jolina Court. Plus installation of “Yield to pedestrians” sign in the middle of crosswalk.  


  Curb bump outs to create more pedestrian space in front of Sweet Simone'sScreen_Shot_2017-09-21_at_1.57.22_PM.png

Bollards and paint delineates extension of sidewalk and increases pedestrian safety and protection from turning vehicles