Ferry Sets Records! (And New Fall Hours...)

Labor_Day_crowd.jpgOur Island Line Bike Ferry shattered all existing records of passengers this past Labor Day weekend 2016! Check out the crowds on this gorgeous weekend, enjoying the sunshine while they waited to cross the Cut.  We carried 1,037 people and bikes across The Cut over the three gorgeous bluebird days, chalking up a brand-new one day record on Sunday of 397 riders. The 20-passenger ferry ran non-stop all afternoon each day.

And this: We've served 11,700 ferry friends since Memorial Day -- how's THAT for a whopper of a number?

From now on this fall, the ferry goes to a Fri/Sat/Sun schedule only, until October 10 -- Columbus Day. We won't be running Monday through Thursday any more this year (not until next Memorial Day 2017).

Come get your ride on before then!


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