Last and First Ride

view_from_the_ferry.pngOn May 26th, 2017 I left my house at 8:30 AM so I could be on the Colchester Causeway by 10:00 for the first bike ferry ride of the year. Last fall I was on the very last ride of the season, and I wanted to begin a tradition of being on the first and last ferry rides of each year. It was raining and little chilly, and I thought I might be the only passenger but another diehard was there. This other diehard, Lindy, told me she last rode across country when she was 77, and she has been establishing the tradition of being on the very first ferry ride each spring... 

To help promote and celebrate ferry season, Lindy and I took part of a staged video of her arriving and getting her season pass as the season's first rider. They crew even brought cookies to help commemorate the occasion. It was a surprisingly joyous occasion. Sometimes cool wet weather brings people together.

It was the first voyage for a captain in training, so that added to the excitement of the day. He did just fine. When I got to South Hero I discovered that South Street was being repaired and had been reduced to rough stones. Luckily I did not have to ride far on that surface. I passed a traffic control person who had a sign that said 'SLOW'. I told him that going slow would not be a problem for me.

I did a loop around South Hero and headed back for the ferry. My hands were getting cold, but otherwise the ride was pleasant. The rain was steady, but not too hard. South Hero is beautiful, whatever the weather.

On the way back from South Hero, Frank, the crewman, gave me a cookie. I told him that  now I would be expecting a cookie every time I rode, and he said that I might have to modify my expectations. As we docked the new captain said, "Whoops!" Then he said, "I probably shouldn't say that when their are passengers on board." I said, "Yes, I almost jumped into the lake when I heard what you said!" We landed safely and I rode to Burlington for further adventures.

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  • Phyllis Tiffany
    commented 2017-06-13 07:41:20 -0400
    Peter, thank you again for the Ortleib pannier. I am enjoying it SO much!!
    Phyllis Tiffany
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