More Stripes on Streets, More Butts on Bikes

26051107140_a7aa13b064_q.jpgAre you interested in cleaner air? How about a healthier population? Though it may seem intuitive, Sorrel's latest article "Building Bike Lanes Really Does Get More People Out of Their Cars" is a confirmation of why Local Motion's newest campaign matters: MORE STRIPES ON STREETS means more butts on bikes! Now, it's your turn to get involved. If you are interested in seeing more bike lanes across Vermont, endorse Local Motion's campaign More Stripes on Streets today! 


The study, which was conducted in Montreal by McGill University, shows that an increase in the number of bike lanes leads to more cyclists on the streets. More butts on bikes means cleaner air for the entire city, a healthier population, and less traffic on the roads. Better bike infrastructure is a win for bikers, pedestrians, AND vehicles. 

But how do we bring these changes to Vermont? Easy! Check out Local Motion's new campaign and join the fight for better bike infrastructure. The campaign ensures that, no matter what age or experience level, ALL bikers will feel comfortable on the road. Let's make biking the norm, and bike safety a necessity.