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With your support, we do amazing work. As Vermont’s only nonprofit that can get big things done for walking and biking across Vermont, your membership fuels the movement for a walkable, bikeable Vermont. 

What kind of big things? Here are a few:

  • Ensure that all the major improvements for biking and walking that are happening this year are done right and get the community support they need.
  • Help communities across Vermont launch local walk-bike groups and fast-track on-the-ground projects to make walking and biking safer.
  • Double the capacity of our Bike Smart program so we can provide on-bike skills training to 15,000+ kids over the course of a year.
  • Help thousands of Vermonters replace car trips with bike trips and walking.
  • Motivate hundreds of Vermonters to become comfortable commuting by bike through our free workshops.
  • Keep our bike ferry service strong for this season and beyond.
  • Learn more in the Local Motion Strategic Plan

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Member Benefits

You are a member if you donate any amount to Local Motion--even a dollar. Members who donate $25 or more per year receive monthly deals from local businesses who want to show their appreciation to those who support the Local Motion mission. These deals are emailed to your inbox every month!

Examples of monthly deals for members who donate $25 or more:

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