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    Become a volunteer!

    Volunteering with Local Motion is fun and easy, and there are all kinds of ways you can help!  From greeting passengers on our Bike Ferry to parking bikes for Valet Bike Parking to helping with learn-to-ride clinics for kids, there is a good volunteer match for you.  

    Please fill out the basic info below and let us know what area(s) you are interested in volunteering for.  We will get right back to you to discuss options and get you onboard. Thanks!

    Become a volunteer

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    Want to Get Involved?

    Sign up here and we'll keep you up to date on everything walk-bike in Vermont!  From great events to opportunities to make a difference, it all starts here.

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  • Request the Learn to Ride Trailer

    Learn_to_Ride_on_balance_bike_Shelburne.jpgIf you are an organization (summer camp, recreation program, after-school program) that would like to offer a "Learn to Ride" class to the children in your community, we have a great resource for you: The Learn to Ride Trailer




    NOTE: This is NOT the Bike Smart Trailer.  Bike Smart includes a much larger trailer, containing 30+ kids' bikes, helmets, and other training materials for providing children with bike skills. Click here if you are interested in Bike Smart.  

    How it works:

    • Request the Learn to Ride trailer
    • We schedule the trailer for you (usually a three-day loan)
    • We train you on how to run a Learn to Ride Class
    • You pick up the trailer (make sure you have a vehicle capable of towing a trailer, and a person who is experienced at towing trailers)

    If you cannot pick up the trailer, we will likely be able to arrange a delivery for an additional delivery fee.
    We invoice you $200 after your loan is over (plus delivery fee, if applicable)

    About the trailer:

    It is a 6'x8' trailer with over 20 balance bikes* of all sizes, tools, and training materials. 

    *Balance bikes are bikes that do not have pedals. Children learn how to ride by scooting the bike along and getting a sense of balancing on two wheels

    Due to trailer storage capacity constraints, participants will need to bring their own helmets and PEDALED bikes.

     Request the Learn to Ride Trailer


  • It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

    20170517_JCohn_E013_LeddyPark-LearnToRide(1).jpgWe had another successful Learn to Ride class this past Saturday!  Almost 30 kids, ranging in ages 3 - 10, converged on Leddy Park in Burlington ready to Learn to Ride.  A good number of them were successful and almost everyone improved significantly!

    Our Learn to Ride classes are getting themselves a following!  We had a family come back this year, because... 

    Read more

  • Thank You for Registering

    Thank you for registering your interest in for Local Motion's Learn to Ride Class at Burlington's Leddy Park!

    We will send you more detailed information about the event as it draws closer. Please arrive promptly so we can begin on time. We will have a balance bike for your child to learn on, but we will not have pedaled bikes. If your child has a bike, please bring it!


    ~1~ If you are a member, thank you!

    We're looking forward to seeing you at the event! Please note-- sometimes memberships lapse, and our members aren't aware of that fact. If this is true in your case, we will be in touch to help you renew your membership. :)

    ~2~ If you would like to BECOME a MEMBER, please go to:  Donating will grant you a Local Motion membership.

    If you sign up to become a member of Local Motion before the Learn to Ride Class, it will be free! We're looking forward to seeing you at our Learn to Ride event (and all of our other events!)

    ~3~ If you are NOT a member, and would rather just REGISTER for the class, click here: to pre-pay for the Learn to Ride event at the $20 reduced pre-registration rate.

    Thank you for registering early!


  • Vermont Safe Routes to School

    Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a comprehensive program based on a simple premise: our kids should be able to safely walk and bike to school. Walking and biking to school helps students develop independence, improves academic performance, helps reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and helps create a stronger community.

    Vermont Safe Routes to School has been part of the VTrans Bicycle and Pedestrian Program for almost a decade. Dedicated funding for VT SRTS came to an end in May 2016.  Since that time, Local Motion has served as statewide SRTS coordinator.  Our role is as follows:

    • Confirming progress through the levels of the program
    • Answering questions from school "champions"
    • Providing guidance to partner schools
    • Sending out newsletters about upcoming events and opportunities
    • Providing support with activities and events
    • Helping create and update School Travel Plans
    • Engaging schools through the Way to Go! to School Challenge

    Looking for ways to support your Winter Walk to School Day this season? Check out our toolkit!  We've got posters, parent letters, and more!

    Safe Routes to School Annual Meeting 2019

    Bike to School Day Resources

    For more information and Safe Routes to School resources, go to the website here


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    Q: In your opinion, which name best fits our new cargo bike?
    A: Myrtle

    Name Our Bike Poll

    Ever since announcing our naming competition for Local Motion's newest Yuba Boda Boda cargo bike, we have received a lot of great entries. The competition is fierce, and we need your help to choose the winning name! Check out our favorite five names listed below, and vote for the one you like best. In case you haven't seen it yet, the bike is pictured below. 


    Take the survey

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    Everyday Bicycling Request

    Thank you for your interest in the Everyday Bicycling Program. Please fill out this short (3-5 minute) informational form and we will get back to you with options for an Everyday Bicycling workshop in your community or workplace!

    Take the survey

  • Resources for Your Bike Smart Loan

    Looking for more information about your upcoming loan?  We've got you covered. 

    Bike Smart Curriculum: Need a copy of the Bike Smart Curriculum?  This is the in-field guide that we provide to schools upon their loan.  This curriculum is specifically designed for children in grades 3-8, but many of the lessons are useful for teaching younger and older children.

    Bikeology Part 1 and Part 2 Bikeology is a curriculum designed for middle and high-school aged students.  This is an extremely in-depth curriculum, with worksheets, quizzes, and exhaustive background material, useful for teachers who want to deepen their own understanding of bicycles, safety, and activities.

    How to Teach Children How to Ride Using a Balance Bike: Wondering what those pedal-less bikes in the trailer are for?  Or, just want some pointers on how to teach children how to ride using the bikes?  This is a great resource for learning how the process works.

    Bike Smart Trailer Manual: This manual contains everything you would need to know about the trailer, the bikes, and the materials inside the trailer.  Wondering which helmets are loaner helmets, and which are a giveaway?  Or, how to re-pack the bikes after you're done with your loan?  Perhaps you were wondering what the surgical caps are for.  The answers to these questions and more are inside this manual.

    Trailer Relocation Form: Planning on moving the trailer yourself?  Perhaps you have a great off-site field trip planned, or you are working with a partner school or organization to share the trailer.  You'll need to fill out one of these before you move the trailer.  NOTE: You are NOT responsible for the initial delivery or pick up.  We will take care of that.  This form is only needed if you plan to move the trailer during your loan.

    Bike Smart Loan Checklist: Want to make sure that you're on the ball with your Bike Smart trailer loan?  This handy checklist will help you make sure that you have the trailer all set to rights before it is sent on to other schools, and to help you keep track of your end of the deal.

    Parent Send-Home Letter: By popular demand: here's a sample letter to send home to parents and families about your upcoming Bike Smart loan.  You can edit the letter to better suit your plans, but this gives you a good template to work from.


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