Making Better Biking Happen in Burlington this Year!

Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_12.14.28_PM.pngDo you live, work, or shop in downtown Burlington?  Do you bike on the Burlington Greenway (aka the Lakeshore Bike Path)?  Watch for big on-the-ground changes for better walking and biking this summer!  Burlington DPW has committed to an ambitious slate of on-street improvements for biking and walking in downtown Burlington. The Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront department will rebuild the Burlington Greenway from North Beach to the Winooski River bridge. Things are in motion for putting Burlington on the map as one of the best small cities for biking and walking!


Key points about planned on-street bike improvements:

  • There is a major focus on bike infrastructure in the center city area.  This includes top of ONE to Willard Street and the waterfront to the UVM Green.  There will be some improvements outside this area, but the biggest emphasis is on the core of Burlington.
  • Not all 2017 improvements are what we will want in the long term.  There will be some sharrows where there should be lanes and some indirect routes where a lane on the primary thru street would be better.  The goal is to create the rudiments of a true connected network in a single year so as to generate maximum visible impact and build momentum.
  • DPW will make extensive use of green paint for intersection crossings, conflict zones, and super-sharrows.  The purpose of using lots of green is threefold:  to clarify preferred cycling trajectories, to increase motorist awareness, and to send a signal that Burlington is taking biking seriously.

Download Local Motion's proposed bike improvements for the center city area (about 80% of which have already been accepted by DPW) at this link.

Local Motion and Burlington Walk-Bike Council will be working together to monitor implementation of PlanBTV Walk Bike.  You can track progress at



What you need to know about reconstruction of the Burlington Greenway:

  • Construction starts right after the marathon.  It will go through the summer and into the fall.  Reconstruction will happen in three segments as described below.
  • The first segment will be the northernmost part of the path, from North Ave Extension to the Winooski River bridge.  This section is only getting a grind-and-resurface, so it’ll take less than a week.  The bridge will be closed for that period.
  • The order thereafter is currently being negotiated.  Parks had originally planned to do the segment from North Beach to Leddy Park during the summer, and the section from Leddy Park to North Avenue Extension after Labor Day.  Local Motion urged them to reverse the order so as to avoid construction south of Leddy during the high season.  They are open to this change and are evaluating it.
  • Local Motion is focusing intensively on the detour plan.  We are working with Parks to design the detours for maximum user safety and ease of use.  We are also advising them on communications and marketing, with the goal of avoiding a significant drop-off in path traffic. 

Burlington Parks & Recreation is leading the reconstruction of the bike path from North Beach to the Winooski River bridge.  Local Motion is working closely with Parks to minimize the impacts of construction on path users. Local Motion will post regular updates about status of the path at

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