Lanes of Change

man_on_bike2.jpgAT LAST, the North Avenue pilot project is up and running! And now, many New North Enders are getting out there and experiencing it for themselves, causing even some skeptics to realize how terrific a 21st century road re-design can be. See what they have to say in this recent article by the Burlington Free Press, and keep your eyes peeled for the perspective of Local Motion's Katelin Brewer-Colie.

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The only way to transform the pilot into a permanent establishment is to get out and ride it! The more butts on bikes there are out on North Ave., the more familiarized drivers will become with sharing the road. Ride to Leddy park, ride to the supermarket, ride to work... Just get out and put the pilot to good use! After testing out the new lanes, make sure to provide feedback to City Council about YOUR perspective on the North Avenue pilot project. Every voice counts, and every bike matters. 

Need a good excuse to get out and test the pilot? Check out the upcoming event "Beach Bites" at Leddy Park, which will be taking place on July 6th starting at 5 p.m. Stretch your legs, eat some delicious food, and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Vermont has to offer.

Tell the City to make the pilot permanent