June 2016 Meeting

Meeting Notes from Safe Streets meeting: Thursday, June 23 at 9 am in the Hanna Cosman Room.

Present: Paul Cameron, Mollie Burke, Kathleen, Alice


1. Feedback on the Safer Streets Forum - We’ve received very positive feedback about the value of the Forum. We’d like it to be an annual event. Maybe do it at the end of May so Mollie can attend. We need to keep to a stricter time limit so that, for instance, Hannah doesn’t get overwhelmed with too many comments on the floor. Could take written comments or could talk to DPW after the time limit. Kathleen and I still haven’t sent out notes on the maps. One of the concerns was Upper Dummerston Rd. What if the town painted it with sharrows? What about Share the Road signs as well on there? Safe Streets will fill out a SARF.

2. Re-striping Western Ave for improved cycling access - Safe Streets will fill out a Safety Action Request Form. The request will be to remove parking on one side of Western Ave between Exit 2 and Avenue Grocery, re-stripe with minimum distance travel lanes , 2 bike lanes, and one parking lane.

The other one is in front of Vt Country Deli - why is it allowed to have a crosswalk empty into the parking “bay” in front of the store. What if the town explored selling off one of the “y” sections for VT Country Deli parking and then the crosswalk would go right in front of the Deli cointinuing to the sidewalk in front of their new parking?
Also, bike lanes could take up one of the lanes crossing the interstate - instead of going from 2 - 4-6-4-2 lanes crossing Exit 2…

Line striping on Putney Rd: Mollie got an email from Scott Rogers at VTrans about the schedule. VTrans contracts the schedule out; no interim completion dates were in the 2-year contract. The resident engineer says that as of today someone else has done the striping. The district is supposed to do the stencilling. Mollie would like to be reminded during the session to be in touch with Scott Rogers, the Maintenance head at VTrans, to rewrite the contract so that striping and stencilling should be done by the same entity and by the end of April. Kathleen will write to Chris Cole, Secretary of Transportion, and Scott Rogers a letter on behalf of Safe Streets letting them know of our work.

3. Holton Home crosswalk flag pilot program. Alice will make the flags by the end of June and meanwhile we should scheudle an appt. with Hannah (we’ll invite Emma) to see how we’d affix them to the poles and what poles we’d use, etc.

4. Facebook page volunteer - Alice will solicit from the Bratt Bike/Ped list serve

5. SSP as a resource for neighborhoods who want to do a Walking Audit - we could post this on iBrattleboro, Front Porch Forum and our FB page. Kathleen will write a paragraph and Alice will post it.

6. Chalk stenciling this summer - Paul says that VYCC will be in town for the July 4 parade and are looking for community service time around that. Kathleen will contact them; Alice will do the training, if they agree.

7. Should we have 6 meetings a year rather than 4? Let’s try for a year and see how it works.

8. Bike deliveries at the BFC? Still ongoing but hoping to start in September.

9. Could the NHTSA grant be used by the Town to educate motorists about safe driving? (not passing on the right, yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks et al)

10. Can Matt inform the TSC about travel lane minimums and bike lane dimensions? Kathleen thinks that there are various figures put out.

Next mtg is Monday, Aug 29th at 1 pm.

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