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Jason Van Driesche joined Local Motion as Education and Safety Manager in 2009, and became the Director of Advocacy & Education in 2012 and Deputy Director in 2016. He leads Local Motion's advocacy work and technical assistance services, supporting local advocates and local governments that want to make their communities better places to walk and bike. Jason is also responsible for building and expanding Local Motion's highly successful BikeSmart program, the Safe Streets Project, Local Motion's bike commuter workshops, and other initiatives designed to make biking and walking safer and easier. He lives in Burlington's South End, where he bikes and walks to work year round.

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    Local Motion's mission is to make biking and walking a way of life in Vermont. 

    Donors like you make it happen! Your support helps us to build a culture of biking and walking across Vermont.  Our work includes bike safety training for children and adults, advocating for safer, more livable streets locally and statewide, work with community groups to achieve on-the-ground change,  and so much more.  

    Local Motion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge

    Grab your bike, boots, or shoes and participate in the Vermont Bike-Walk Challenge to win prizes, save money, feel healthier, and cut pollution! This challenge happens at least twice per year through the Go! Vermont smartphone app. Once you record the minimum number of biking or walking commutes, you'll be eligible to win prizes! Once you're using the Go! Vermont app, you will automatically be entered into the Challenge when it begins. You'll receive a message before the challenge starts as a heads-up, plus you'll get a message once you record the minimum number of commutes in the Challenge to be eligible for prizes!

    Here's how to join the Challenge:

    1. Download the "Go! Vermont" app to your smartphone (Search for "Go! Vermont" in the Apple App Store or Google Play) -- or -- click here and hit the "join" button to track trips online without a smartphone
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    3. Get biking, walking, or running and record your commutes!

    2019 Challenges

    Winter Edition: February 1-8
    Simply record your bike, walk, or run commute two times between February 1-8 and you'll be eligible for great prizes from Local Motion and partners! Eligible Go! Vermont app users will be randomly selected to win prizes in mid-February.

    Looking for winter biking advice and tips? Yes? Then click here!

    May Challenge: every day in May
    Record at least 12 bike, walk, or run commutes during the month of May to be eligible to win prizes from Local Motion and businesses around Vermont! Eligible participants will be randomly chosen and notified of their prize by mid-June. 

    Want to get more comfortable biking? Join us for an Everyday Biking workshop! Or click here for some great videos.

    Questions? Email jonathon@localmotion.org

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    Add Your Name in Support of Making the Howard & St Paul Pop-up (Semi) Permanent



    We, the undersigned, call on the City of Burlington to install a semi-permanent pilot version of the Winooski-Howard-St. Paul pop-up walk-bike safety demonstration project by the end of 2017.  We ask the City to leave it in place until spring or summer 2018 and collect data on performance of the pilot throughout that period.  We request that the City then finalize a permanent design for the intersection and build it in 2018.


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    Endorse a Goal

    Local Motion works with local residents, community groups, and other partners across Vermont to identify and build support for specific goals for change on the ground. Click to view our active goals, find one you support, and add your name!

    Speak Out for Change


  • GOAL: Make Howard & St Paul Improvements (Semi-) Permanent

    Local Motion has asked the City of Burlington to install a long-term pilot version of the recent pop-up walk-bike safety demonstration at Winooski, Howard, and St. Paul by the end of 2017 using paint, bolted-down bollards, and other semi-permanent materials.  Our hope is that the pilot would stay in place through the winter and into next spring.  This would allow for much more in-depth data collection, as well as provide significant safety improvements without having to wait for full reconstruction of the intersection.  

    add your name in support of this project 


    Background on this Project

    RSG_design_for_Howard_St_Paul_pop-up_--_small.jpegOn July 26, Local Motion worked with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, AARP Vermont, RSG (a consulting firm) and Burlington DPW to install temporary improvements to this intersection based on the RSG design at right. The improvements were in place through July 30, and consisted of chalk lines plus moveable posts and planters that approximated how the intersection would work if the curbs were moved out to the edges of what is actually needed by vehicles to safely move through the intersection. The result was shortened crosswalks, a reduction in speeding, and additional space for seating in front of two neighborhood stores—without any impact on parking or travel lanes. Feedback on the project was mostly positive, with a few suggestions for improvements.

    Related resources: 


    The changes made as part of the July pop-up were never intended to be permanent. The point of the pop-up was twofold: to gauge community reaction, and to do a real-world test of the design so as to identify improvements. Based on community feedback and on-the-ground experience, RSG is currently preparing recommendations for next steps, including a semi-permanent pilot project. The marked-up design at left summarizes Local Motion’s feedback on the pop-up. Our staff monitored the project closely, identifying traffic flow issues as well as opportunities for improving walk and bike safety. We have submitted our feedback to RSG and DPW and asked them to incorporate these design changes into the next phase of the project.

    Related resource:

    High-res version of Local Motion's design recommendations for a semi-permanent pop-up.


  • GOAL: A Connected BTV Center-City Bike Network in 2017

    bike_map_screenshot_copy.jpgBetter biking is coming to Burlington in 2017—if you stand up and speak out!  Local Motion is organizing Burlington residents in support of six bike infrastructure improvement projects that are on DPW's list for this year.  We want to make sure they all get done, and YOU are the key to making that happen.  Click each link below, and if you like what you read, add your name in support of that project.

    connecting north ave to downtown     
    bike lanes on pearl street     
    protected bike lane on union street     
    building the old north end wiggle     
    southbound bike lane on willard     
    green intersections and super-sharrows     


    OCTOBER 2017 UPDATE:  The protected bike lane on North Union is currently being installed!  One down, five to go.  



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    Add a bike lane to Route 15 between Essex Junction and Burlington

    I have recently started bike commuting be Essex Junction and UVM. The scariest part of my commute is having to cycle along 15. There is no shoulder and no bike lane. There is an uneven side walk for some of it, but as a cyclist I feel uncomfortable using side walks. If there were a full on bike lane or even a slightly wider shoulder it would make this commute safer and more accessible to other individuals.

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    Thanks, Alisha.  You are right that that is a scary ride.  People biking deserve better.  Luckily, a solution is in the pipeline.  

    The most exciting part is that VTrans has designed and budgeted for a separated path from Lime Kiln Road to Susie Wilson Road that will get built in the next couple of years.  Also, the Village of Essex Junction is planning to add bike lanes this year or next (I'm not sure of the timing) from Susie Wilson to West Street Extension and from Post Office Square almost to Five Corners.  This will get you almost all of the way there.  We're working on a connection from Lime Kiln into Winooski, which will take a bit longer.  

    In the meantime, you can cut through Fort Ethan Allen and St. Mike's, which will let you head direction into the Winooski neighborhood next to the college.  It's a bit roundabout, but it's all on roads instead of sidewalks.  

  • Making Better Biking Happen in Burlington this Year!

    Screen_Shot_2017-05-08_at_12.14.28_PM.pngDo you live, work, or shop in downtown Burlington?  Do you bike on the Burlington Greenway (aka the Lakeshore Bike Path)?  Watch for big on-the-ground changes for better walking and biking this summer!  Burlington DPW has committed to an ambitious slate of on-street improvements for biking and walking in downtown Burlington. The Parks, Recreation, and Waterfront department will rebuild the Burlington Greenway from North Beach to the Winooski River bridge. Things are in motion for putting Burlington on the map as one of the best small cities for biking and walking!

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  • THE "SLOW SEASON:" What our Advocacy Staff Do in Winter

    Though spring is officially here, it sure didn't feel like it until recently.  (Many Vermonters walk and bike through the winter, but more often than not in spite of the cold weather, not because of it.)  For many folks, it really isn't until April or even May that walking and biking take center stage once again. 

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  • I hope the proposed connector between Venus Ave. and Sandra Circle gets done soon!

    As a resident of Mallet's Bay, I hope the proposed connector between Venus Ave. and Sandra Circle goes forward.

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    Thanks for putting in a plug for the Venus-Sandra connector, Paul.  This is a much-needed link in the bike network.  We will continue to advocate for it as the walk-bike master plan is implemented.

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    Thanks, Amy! Great ideas. We’re hoping to get to Bennington soon, particularly as we now have a board member from your community. Stay tuned!

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    Thanks, Kevin. Local Motion met with senior VTrans staff last week to review actions taken since the last legislative session to improve on-road bike safety. Better signage is on the list of strategies that were discussed. We’re refining the list of priority actions and moving on it over the next few months. Stay tuned.

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    Creating Bikeable, Walkable Communities for All Vermonters

    Local Motion is Vermont's statewide nonprofit walk-bike advocacy organization.  Our mission is simple:  to bring the joy of walking and biking within reach for all Vermonters by helping Vermont communities become great places to walk and bike.

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    Monthly Sustaining Gifts

    Local Motion's mission is to make biking and walking a way of life in Vermont. Monthly gifts are convenient for you and help provide financial stability for Local Motion.


    Sustainer benefits include:

    • Uninterrupted giving - we’ll automatically bill your credit or debit card every month.
    • Annual tax receipt each January, documenting the cumulative gifts for the prior year
    • No additional renewal notices.
    • Change or cancel your monthly gift any time by email at finance@localmotion.org or call 802-861-2700 Ext 107.

    Thank you! Your support means a lot to us!


  • VT Wants Feedback on Energy Standards for Town Plans

    Montpelier_vermont_state_house_thumb.jpgThe Department of Public Service invites all interested Vermonters to provide input on the standards the Department must create per Act 174 of 2016 for determining consistency of regional and municipal plans with state energy policy. The Department will host a forum to gather input on August 30, from 9 a.m. to noon, in Montpelier at the Vermont College of Fine Arts (Noble Hall). An online survey is also available at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WMTZFF2

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    Feedback needed on a draft curriculum for a planned Local Motion training for GMT (aka CCTA) bus drivers on safe bus-bike interactions! Take a look here and add your comments in the doc: http://bit.ly/2aLavVi

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