Invasives Invade

knap4.jpgHave you noticed, while pedaling serenely down the Island Line Causeway under lovely skies, water to the left, water to the right, and out on to the mighty Bike Ferry -- that something else is seeming quite mighty?

Alas, it is the Spotted Knapweed bush -- that lovely green bushy plant, now sporting pretty purple flowers, lining the edges of much of the Causeway. But: It is not nice. Not good at all.

This short-lived perennial may be pretty, but it is a pest. According to local invasives expert Jeanne Keller, who has been educating Local Motion staff about the plant, it can easily choke out wildflowers along the path, AND now that it is flowering, it can send seeds flying every which way onto nearby properties. That's what invasives do -- they invade.

Jeanne is organizing several work parties to remove as much of the Spotted Knapweed in the coming weeks as possible. It won't be easy -- working out in the middle of the lake, digging up hundreds and hundreds of plants, bagging them and removing them off the nearly four-mile length of the bike path.

But with the excellent coordination from our pals at the Colchester Parks and Recreation, they hope to make a dent in the massive numbers of this undesirable bush. Thank you, Glen Cuttitta and colleagues.

If you'd like to join an upcoming work party, email to learn of the next dates planned.


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