How did Minneapolis Get so Bike Friendly? In a Word: Advocacy.

9357201922_8ea06b7742_q.jpgBack in April, Local Motion brought Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges to town.  Why?  Because, despite cold winters and lots of cars, Minneapolis is one of the best cities for biking in the country.  Burlington can and should do the same.  How do we get there?

Answer:  they got organized.  Check out this article from the Guardian -- it's worth the read.  

Basically, a strong local bike coalition was a big part of what pushed city leaders to move beyond the easy stuff and get ambitious.  In just five years, Minneapolis has gone from a fair-to-middling city for biking to one that has its sights set on overtaking Portland.

Want to get organized and make things happen here in Burlington?  Sign up in the sidebar on Local Motion's Campaigns & Advocacy page.  We're building a movement.  Be a part of it.

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